Whilst we are doing our best to keep active and moving  whilst staying at home, it's undeniable that most of us are spending more time sitting down or stationary than usual. This inaction has many different consequences for our bodies, one of which can be poor circulation. 


Sitting for long periods of time causes our blood circulation to slow, this means that blood remains in the feet and legs reducing the natural flow throughout the body. Symptoms can range from feelings of fatigue in the limbs to numbness and tingling or simply cold feet! These can develop in to more sever health problems if not monitored.

So how can we avoid poor circulation whilst staying at home?


These three easy tips can help keep your circulation healthy: 


  1. Stand up and stretch every 30 mins (especially if sitting at a desk - or use the advert breaks when watching TV as a reminder!)
  2. Keep good posture when sitting where possible.
  3. Wear compression tights, socks or leggings.

What are compression tights?

Compression tights provide consistent pressure to the legs, helping blood to flow back towards the heart, whilst offering a comfortable wear that looks and feels attractive. The strength of compression is measured in mmHg (millimetres of mercury), which is a scientific term to measure the amount of pressure exerted over a specific area. Many styles feature gradient compression so that the pressure gradually decreases or increases at different points of the leg. Compression tights usually exert more pressure near the ankles and feet where blood flow can be slow and swelling is common.

Why wear compression tights?

Tights with compression can help for both those that are sitting for long periods of time and so susceptible to poor circulation, as well as those who are on their feet all day and suffer from aching legs. 

The Levante control and support tights offer firm Support from Levante feature a factor 10 compression built in to the 30 denier semi-opaque leg coverage. This high level of compression gets blood flowing to keep legs energised. With a classic matte finish these tights also feature a boxer brief, reinforced toe and plain gusset.

From tights, hold ups, knee highs, maternity tights, travel socks to flight socks, there are lots of luxury and affordable compression hosiery styles to choose from, for any purpose.



Our great range of compression tights at The means you can locate a style that will work for you. From Wolford’s Velvet 66 Support Tights that are ideal for everyday wear for those that like a little luxury and heavier coverage to Silky’s Flight Socks that help your legs during long-haul flights - or if your toes are getting chilly when sat at your work from home desk all day. 


How Compression Tights Work Compression socks wolford compression hosiery

What are the benefits of wearing compression hosiery?

There are many colours available to suit any look and as a specialist in plus size hosiery, our compression hosiery range include brands with sizes up to XXL, suitable for women of all shapes and sizes for any physical requirement.

The pressure created aids swelling and fatigue, reduces the chances of blood clots and helps to prevent varicose veins. Furthermore, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a potential debilitating and life-threatening disease, with an annual incidence of one to two per 1,000 people. Whilst compression tights are not a cure for varicose veins or DVT, doctors often recommend compression tights or stockings to improve circulation, stop varicose veins from getting worse, and reduce pain or discomfort.

Check out the review by Courtney Hooper regarding the Cecilia de Rafael energize 70 compression tights. She explains what varicose veins are and how these tights compress around problem areas such as the ankle, knee and thigh. Courtney also noticed that when she wore them all day at work, she didn’t have any of the discomfort she would normally have in her legs and hips.

Everyday wear for work

Compression hosiery is also perfect for everyday wear for work. Becki Louise is a hairdresser and is on her feet all day, she therefore has poor blood circulation and thought that the Charnos medium energising support tights were great for adding more pressure at the bottom of the leg so that she felt comfortable all day at work. If you know someone who is working hard on their feet all day, some compression tights might be a thoughtful, useful gift. See Becki's review here:


Pregnancy / Exercise / DVT / Travelling

Particularly during pregnancy, women can suffer from tired, swollen and achy feet/legs. Compression wear has also been shown to reduce lactic acid build-up after exercise and in some cases improve performance of competitive athletes. They are also great for travelling on long haul flights by significantly reducing the risk of DVT as well as leg swelling (oedema).

From tights, hold ups, knee highs, maternity tights, travel socks to flight socks, there are lots of luxury and affordable compression hosiery styles for you to choose from, for any purpose.