Levante Tights

Our Levante tights range is perfect for office wear and for sophisticated special events. For instance, if you’re looking for a classic piece of hosiery we recommend the Cashmere tights, a beautifully opaque product that will give your legs a deluxe appearance and leave you feeling on cloud nine. In face all their styles are comfortable to wear, luxurious and well made, becoming go-to items when you need something that looks sophisticated and glamorous. This well respected, long established company are known for their high quality, luxury yarns and excellent standards.

Levante tights have been producing a quality selection of tights, stockings and hold ups for over 50 years and have grown into a major Italian hosiery company. They use innovative knitting techniques and superior yarns for their products, which means this brand is on par with top hosiery labels like Wolford and Trasparenze, but with a smaller price tag. Furthermore, each style comes in plus sizes for the curvier, taller woman. We recommend the Brillante Shiny Tights, they feel and look fabulous for a spring look whilst the Class Glossy Tights also come in a control top version with a variety of colours for every mood. In addition, the control top hosiery pieces are built with ease and comfort in mind. We recommend the Levante Relax Firm Support Control Top Tights, available up to XXL. They are not only slimming for the hips and waist, these support tights have a high level of compression which gets the blood flowing to keep your legs energised.

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  1. Levante Senza No Toe Tights, Available in XL
  2. Levante Micronet Fishnet Tights
    Levante Micronet Tights
    Out of stock
  3. Levante Class Sheer Tights
  4. Levante-Extra-Sheer-Tights
  5. Levante Vanessa Sheer Stockings
  6. Levante-Brilliante-Shiny-Tights
  7. Levante-relax-firm-control-tights
  8. Levante Fantasy Sheer Hold Ups
  9. Levante Class Control Top Tights
  10. Levante Control Top and Medium Leg Support Tights
  11. Levante Matte Black Opaque Stay Ups
    Levante New Suede Matte Opaque Hold Ups
    Out of stock
  12. Levante Cashmere Tights
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