Have you ever wondered how you can make your outfit look funkier or work attire look smarter?

Well, stop wondering, you need tights!

Tights are no doubt practical and attractive and can make anyone look unique and chic in any setting. But pairing them with different outfit ideas can be quite a challenge. Especially as there are so many different types, ways to wear tights, and occasions to wear them for. 

It can be pretty overwhelming just thinking about how to wear tights. But it's really not that difficult once you know the types, size and styling. This level of knowledge can really make it easy for you when dressing for your next event. To help you with this, keep on reading; we'll cover everything about wearing tights in this article.


What is the correct way to style your tights?

When you wear tights or pantyhose instead of just showing your bare legs, there are several ways you can wear them. Thanks to the many different colours, patterns, and deniers of tights, you have unlimited options when pairing tights with your outfits. Some of the best ways to style tights are the following:


Using skirts: A skirt with tights can be a classic look worn at a formal or informal event. They can easily be dressed up or down based on the rest of your outfit. If you’re wearing a simple skirt then dare to be bold in our fashion tights to really show off your legs!

A jumper dress: If you have a long jumper or a jumper dress, you might want to wear a pair of tights. This can be a classic look for the autumn or winter season. At The Tight Spot, we have plenty of warm wool tights that could be the perfect pairing for jumper dress season.  

Shorts: Another cool way of showing your legs is wearing tights with shorts. They're a classy way to show legs without going bare. Ideal in colder temperatures as tights can keep you warm. Whether your shorts are plain or patterned, you can’t go wrong with a trusty pair of opaque tights to wear underneath.

Ripped jeans: If you have some cool jeans that are ripped, try some lace tights underneath for a look cool. 

How to Wear and Style TightsHow to Wear and Style Tights


Should You Go Oversized?

When looking to buy tightsstockings, or hold ups, you should always make sure they fit your legs like a glove. Yet, at the same time, they should not be too tight as they will restrict your mobility and be more prone to damage. So, in a way, when looking at getting tights, you should see them as second skin fitting.

When you’ve put on your tights, there should be no wrinkles or additional material sagging loose. If you find that the tights do this, they're likely too big! The best pantyhose should hug your body and trace your body shape well. To better understand the type of tights that will fit you, you may want to check out our pantyhose size guides which appear on each product page to find your ideal size. It’s also important to note that sizes may differ based on how tights are made and the brand.



How Many Types Of Tights Exist?

When looking for tights to compliment your clothes or outfit, there are many choices. At The Tight Spot, there is an abundance of pantyhose styles each with their own unique look and purpose. Some of the classic allrounders you might want to check out are:


Seamed Tights

If you like vintage clothes or want to go for more of the pin up look, you might be interested in the back seamed tights. These tights are unique as they have a knitted black seam that goes down the back of each leg. They're real attention grabbers as they elongate your legs and look great with a pair of heels.


Patterned Tights

Patterned tights add spark to your clothing if worn well. The patterns these types of printed tights can have are endless from floral tights and polka dot designs to animal print pantyhose and geometric creations. They come in various colours and styles to add a pop to anything you wear. These types of tights work best with a short dress or a skirt.


Lace Tights

Lace tights bring elegance into casual and evening wear. These are often seen as timeless and can have a bold look to them based on how you wear them. They're truly a classic type of tight and are a firm favourite among brands such as Fiore, Wolford and Passion Hosiery.


Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights can be worn with dresses or skirts, looking sexy and chic. This type of tight has a diamond-shaped knit and is open. Most common in black, there are now various exciting colours, such as red, white and nude.


Crotchless Tights

Crotchless tights are a form of pantyhose that has an open crotch area, as opposed to standard types, where the gusset is closed. The reason for the open gusset is mainly for intimate reasons to create a sensual look; however it is also often seen as more comfortable by providing ventilation for the intimate areas.


Seamless Tights

Seamless tights are made to give your legs a smooth silhouette allowing them to look elegant in any outfit. Generally, they won't have a gusset, or any seems on the thigh, making them soft, subtle and comfortable to wear.


Different Types of TightsDifferent Types of Tights

How To Look Professional Wearing Tights?

Tights are the ideal accessory to wear to the office or workplace as they create a smart, professional and sophisticated look whilst not compromising on comfort. In the work setting, some of the best ways to look professional with tights are the following:


Choose Black Tights

While you might be interested in coloured tights, you should avoid wearing them to work at all costs. Black tights can make you look chic, professional and classy. They also serve less of a focal point than coloured ones, stopping you from getting unwanted attention. Buy them in multipacks and save up on your favourite everyday wear hosiery!


Have Good Quality Tights

Never wear old or ragged pantyhose to work, especially if they're fading, fuzzing or have ladders on them. Doing this will degrade your image and make you look less professional in the workplace.


Wear a Blazer 

Blazers and suit jackets have been an office staple for many year. Update the look with a blazer dress and tights! Patterned black tights with a tailored blazer dress or thick matt tights with a shorter style will look and feel empowering for those important meeting days! For an easy to wear casual office look patterned tights look perfect with knitwear. So match your patterned tights with a turtle neck jumper dress for a sleek style that is super comfortable and effortless – especially great if your office is cold! 

Textured tights, such as cable knit or ribbed styles can soften the hard edge of leather or denim to create a softer, less intense look – this can be useful for the office when you want to look on trend but not nightclub ready. Swap these cosy opaques for sultry sheers if you’re heading straight from office to party! 


Final Words

Overall, tights are an epic item of clothing that can make you look sophisticated and sexy in different settings. They're a staple to wear in the winter, spring, summer or autumn, adding variation to your wardrobe. Having the right pair of tights can add to your image, tying in your whole outfit. If you've not worn tights before, you might want to try wearing sheer black tights first and then gradually change your dress with different materials, colours and patterned tights.

Whether you have an event coming up or just want to look good for work, shop the range here. They don't need to be expensive, either. To get some inspiration learn more about cheap tights here.