Thigh High Hold Ups

Thigh High hold ups are a great hosiery option as they offer the same look and feel as stockings without the faff of suspender belts and clips. They feature silicone bands that sit on the inside of the plain or lace top that keep the stay ups in place on the thigh and are great for warmer weather as many find them more comfortable than tights. We have a large variety of thigh high hold ups, from barely there to black out opaques including lace, toeless and the classic seamed styles, in a range of sizes up to XXXL. 

The Best Thigh High Hold Ups That Stay Up

Depending on the strength of the silicone some thigh high hold ups stay around your legs longer than others. Thigh high producers are constantly innovating to make the silicone aspect is as effective as possible and over all, increase the comfort of all products. Wolford has created a pair that stand the test of time.

The Wolford Velvet de Luxe 50 Stay Ups are specially designed using comfort grippers underneath the textured silicone stripes at the top of the band. As with any Wolford product the excellent stretch gives the perfect fit thanks to the double-wrapped elastane. The staying power on these thigh highs is phenomenal. Try them out for yourself. 

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  1. Wolford Luna Hold Ups
  2. Wolford Florina Hold Ups
  3. Pearl And Poseidon Zenia Glossy Hold Ups
  4. Wolford Reese Floral Net Hold Ups
  5. Pamela Mann Fishnet Hold Ups With Bow
  6. Falke Winsome Night Hold Ups
  7. Trasparenze Gennifer Plain Wool Hold Ups
  8. Trasparenze Unicorno Glitter Hold Ups
    Trasparenze Unicorno Glitter Hold Ups
    Out of stock
  9. Trasparenze Musa Floral Hold Ups
  10. Trasparenze Ninfa Lace Hold Ups
    Trasparenze Ninfa Lace Hold Ups
    Out of stock
  11. Glamory Allure 20 Hold Ups up to 4XL
  12. Miss-Naughty-Crotchless-Over-The-Knee-Tights
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