Wolford Leggings

Leggings are a favourite for being comfortable to wear and easy to style, however only a quality pair of leggings will look as fashion forward and stylish as the catwalk looks we see in the magazines. And Wolford is the perfect choice for this luxury leg wear staple. So why spend more on such a basic item? Well, the luxury materials that Wolford Leggings use means they'll last. No need to replace your leggings every season, these beautifully made pieces will last wash after wash, wear after wear. In addition, the carefully cut sizing means perfect coverage (no flashing your underwear) and a superior fit - so no sagging at the knee or falling down at the crotch. Leggings are meant to be comfortable but you also want a smooth, svelte finish and Wolford leggings can certainly offer that.

Try the Wolford Perfect Fit Leggings for a simple finish that looks and feels amazing to wear. These leggings are great for running errands, nipping to the shops or for a cosy Sunday pub lunch.

Wolford produce fabulous fashion leggings every season and whilst they may be part of a seasonal range, due to the versatility of leggings, these investment pieces can blend in with old and new items in your wardrobe and still look fresh.

Treat yourself and your wardrobe to some Wolford leggings today, when only the best will do!


Check out our Wolford Size Help Page and Wolford Wash & Care Page for more information.

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  1. Wolford hosiery satin touch footless leggings packaging
  2. Wolford True Biker Shorts
    Wolford True Biker Shorts
    Special Price £39.95 Regular Price £94.95
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  5. Wolford hosiery footless leather leggings
    Wolford Estella Leggings
    Special Price £174.95 Regular Price £257.95
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  8. Wolford hosiery black footless leggings
  9. Wolford Edie Forming Vegan Leather Leggings
  10. Wolford hosiery suede footless leggings with leather knee panel
    Wolford Passion Beat Leggings
    Special Price £149.00 Regular Price £249.95
  11. Wolford hosiery black footless leggings with grey splotches
    Wolford Baily Lurex Leggings
    Special Price £75.00 Regular Price £175.95
  12. Wolford Kassandra Capri Footless Tights
    Wolford Kassandra Capri Footless Tights
    Out of stock
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