WOW! Factor Hosiery

Get the WOW! Factor all year round with our collection of high-fashion tights, stockings, hold ups and more that are bound to make heads turn!

  1.  Oroblu First Class Flowers Patterned Tights
  2.  Heist The Lace Tights
  3.  Fiore Volcan Lace Top Patterned Hold Ups
  4.  Trasparenze Brasilia Stripe Tights
  5.  Oroblu Double Polka Dot Tights
  6.  Fiore Retro Blue Patterned Tights
  7.  Fiore Stardust Glitter Tights
  8.  Wolford Flower Fashion Tights
  9.  Falke Emotion Stay Ups
  10.  Marilyn Emmy Star Tights
  11.  Miss O Coloured Opaque Gloss Crotchless Tights
  12.  Oroblu Diamonds Glittery Tights
  13.  Wolford Tights Leo
  14.  Fiore Rissa Glitter Tights
  15.  Heist The Spot Polka Dot Tights
  16.  Oroblu Floral Opaque Tights
  17.  Fiore Poker Fashion Tights
  18.  Trasparenze Las Vegas Fashion Tights
  19.  Trasparenze Platino Tights
  20.  Leg Avenue Snowflake White Fishnet Tights
  21.  Oroblu All Coloured 50 Tights
  22.  Trasparenze Ankara Patterned Tights
  23.  Miss O Wet Look Hold Ups
  24.  Cecilia De Rafael Chacal 50 Tights

Get the WOW! Factor all year round with our collection of high-fashion tights, stockings, hold ups and more that are bound to make heads turn!

Life is WAY too short to be wearing boring clothes, right? At The Tight Spot, we understand both the importance of keeping up with the trends and showing off your own unique style through fashion. The great thing about hosiery is that you can easily switch up your outfits at little cost, meaning you don’t need to break the bank to be a fashion-forward style icon!


Patterned tights

Fashion tights are the ultimate WOW! Factor outfit addition to ensure that your legs are the star of the show. From fancy florals and pretty polka dots to cute hearts and statement stripes, patterned tights can transform any outfit.


Patterned tights offer a fun twist to everyday styling, allowing you to pick and choose between unique designs depending on the occasion! Top brands such as Heist Studios, Wolford, Trasparenze and Oroblu have all welcomed statement fashion tights to their collections, offering high-quality tights that will last wear after wear. New to The Tight Spot is Heist’s new polka dot tights which are available in 3 shades, combining durability and comfort with a high-fashion and bold design. Another go-to for fashion lovers is Fiore’s new patterned tights range, featuring a mixture of floral tights, poker game tights and zigzag tights! Not to mention Trasparenze’s outstanding fashion collection which partners bold colours and high-fashion designs.


Coloured tights

Be bold season to season by adding a splash of colour to your wardrobe! Coloured tights are top of the trends among many celebrities and style icons, whether it’s monochrome moments or colour block creations. Choose from elegant pastels, bright shades and shiny tights with colourful hues. Want to be bright and bold? Explore the Cecilia de Rafael Chacal 50 Tights available in 11 colours, from racy red to ocean blue! Alternatively, if you’re seeking a shiny pantyhose with a subtle colourful hint, we love the Peal & Poseidon Baroness Seamless Tights which come in 7 different shades and add a lovely coloured sheen to the legs.


Fashion tights

Looking to be a little more extra? Explore our collection of fashion tights to really level up your outfits! Fashion tights are slightly different to patterned tights, in that they offer more intricate designs and truly unique patterns that make them stand out against the rest. These tights are usually partnered with a neutral or plain outfit due to their out-there yet sophisticated patterns. Fashion tights like the Trasparenze Osaka Patterned Tights are the perfect example of high-fashion hosiery, thanks to their mock suspender style, high-detail design and heart element throughout. Another quirky addition to the Fiore hosiery range is the Poker Fashion Tights, taking inspiration from a deck of cards for the ultimate party look! Get ahead of the game with these striking and funky fashion tights.


Explore our stunning collection of unique patterned tights and fashion tights for a statement style.