Monthly Archives: March 2019

  1. Not Washing Your Tights is Gross

    Washing your hosiery is now recommended by doctors! Undoubtedly wrapping your body in synthetic, tight fitting knitted yarns will cause the transfer of body moisture, skin cells and more. Letting the stockings or tights your wore all day yesterday feaster in your warm and snuggly hosiery draw provides

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  2. 8 Reasons Why You Should Choose The Tight Spot

    The Tight Spot is the online hosiery boutique promoting top performing tights, stockings, hold ups and leggings. Check our main advantages and find out 8 reasons why you should choose The Tight Spot. 

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  3. Find Out How Tights Are Made

    Most tights are made in a circular knitting machine. Yarn is fed into the machine, which uses 300 to 420 needles to convert the nylon or other fibres used to create the tights into a series of loops. The threading machines make a tubular sleeve of material for the legs. Circular knitting is very fast,

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