Bridal Stockings

Bridal stockings are the perfect outfit addition to achieve utmost elegance on such a special day, whether you are the gorgeous bride, a member of the bridal party or a wedding guest.

  1.  Pretty Polly Nylons Gloss Stockings
  2.  Silky Super Shine Lace Top Stockings
  3.  Trasparenze Pennac Seamed Stockings
  4.  Miss O Silky Stockings
  5.  What Katie Did Coffee Glamour Seamed Stockings
  6.  Charnos Elegance Shiny Stockings
  7.  Couture Ultra Gloss Lace Top Stockings 3 for 2 Pack

    Couture Ultra Gloss Lace Top Stockings 3 for 2 Pack

    Special Price US$20.16 Regular Price US$30.24
  8.  Glamory Perfect 20 Stockings, Plus Size XL-4XL
  9.  Charnos 24/7 15 Denier Stockings 2 Pair Pack
  10.  Miss O Silky Seamed Stockings
  11.  Individual 10 Wolford Stockings
  12.  Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio Stockings
  13.  Aristoc 10 Denier Ultra Shiny Stockings
  14.  Fiore Madame Seamed Stockings
  15.  Pretty Polly Soft Shine Stockings
  16.  Miss Naughty Gloss Stockings
  17.  Silky Super Shine Stockings
  18.  Couture Ultra Gloss Lace Top Stockings
  19.  Glamory Delight 20 Seamed Stockings, Plus Size XL-4XL
  20.  Cecilia De Rafael Barbara Stockings
  21.  Obsessive Deep Lace Top Stockings
  22.  Obsessive Glossy Plain Top Stockings

Bridal stockings are the perfect outfit addition to achieve utmost elegance on such a special day, whether you are the gorgeous bride, a member of the bridal party or a wedding guest.


Bridal stockings can add a luxurious and sophisticated look to any bridal outfit and offer comfortability all day long. A wedding is a very exciting day and looking for bridal stockings can be the last item on a brides list, so let us help reduce your stress levels by narrowing down our choice of the best bridal stockings. Even if you are attending as a wedding guest, you may want to explore our collection of elegant bridal stockings which could be the perfect hosiery to match with your wedding guest dress. 


Bridal Stockings

When you think of weddings you think of the colour white, tradition says that we wear white on our wedding day from the dress right down to the underwear and white stockings. The colour white doesn't suit everyone due to different skin tones, if you're pale you can become washed out in white but by choosing ivory wedding stockings in an off-white colour that will keep you within the tradition. We recommend the Miss Naughty Gloss Stockings which are available in a gorgeous natural white shade as well as a tan colour to achieve a flawless sunkissed look.

Additionally, if you're having a summer wedding and want to have your legs out but still want some coverage you can choose nude bridal stockings that give your legs a healthy glow. We've handpicked a small selection of high-quality bridal stockings for your big day, from lace top hold ups to luxury silk tights that won't blow your wedding budget! For a touch of luxury, you’ll love the Wolford Individual 10 Stockings which are a lightweight 10 denier material featuring an elegant plain top design and double wrapped elastane yarns for added durability. 


Bridal Hold Ups

Bridal Hold Ups are extremely popular too. These Satin Touch Wolford Hold ups are available in white and nude and offer an elegant satin finish and a charming lace top lend any occasion a seductive tone while enduring exclusive comfort.  The great thing about hold ups compared to stockings is that there is no need to wear a suspender belt to keep them up, ideal for brides who have tight fitted dresses! Simply slip these on under your wedding dress for a natural look yet barely there feel. 


What tights to wear to a wedding?

Whether you are the bride, mother of the bride, part of the bridal party or a wedding guests, finding the perfect pair of tights or stockings to partner with your attire is so important. You’ll want to feel comfortable all day long and ooze a bit of luxury on this big day! Discover our style guide on what to wear to a wedding  or if you are the lucky bride to be, check out our favourite hosiery picks for the beautiful bride. 

How Should I Wash Stockings?

To protect the quality of your stockings, it’s best to hand wash them rather than machine wash them. Use cold to lukewarm water with a mild detergent as this is less damaging to the delicate materials of your stockings. Pat dry your stockings instead of using a dryer as the heat can ruin the elasticity of your stockings. We recommend leaving your stockings on a dry towel or soft surface to air dry for a couple of hours or overnight if needed. 

How do stockings stay Up?

Stockings stay up by their design technique of added elastic bands or silicone grips. The elastic band, usually found at the top of the stockings, helps them cling comfortably to your thighs without slipping down. It's like a little magic - the combination of elastic and silicone keeps them in place, so you can strut your stuff with confidence. Stocking accessories like suspender belts also help prevent your stockings from slipping down and are great for when you wear stockings all day long like for work or events. Just make sure to avoid applying moisturizer or oils to your skin before wearing them, as it can reduce the grip and make them more prone to slipping