Opaque Hold Ups

Our huge range of opaque hold ups has been chosen for their high quality, stylish designs and great value. Black opaque hold ups are a popular choice as an alternative to opaque tights. We recommend  Gipsy’s 50 Denier Velvet Luxury Opaque Hold Ups; which is great for everyday wear or Glamory Micro 60 Hold Ups; these opaque hold ups are specifically made for ladies with larger thighs and are perfect for a comfortable fit. Take a look at our collection of opaque hold ups for those wardrobe essentials.

What Are The Best Opaque Hold Ups?

The best thing about opaque hold ups is that they’re ideal for any season and event. Whether this is your first time shopping for hold ups or if you're a long-standing opaque hold ups fan, we’ve chosen 4 of the best beautiful opaque hold ups that we think all hosiery wearers need to know about! First, off the Wolford Fatal 80 seamless stay ups, these matte-opaque hold ups are perfect for any special event, this sleek design is comfort at it’s best. The Wolford Velvet Deluxe 50 stay ups, offer a breathable material that gives light, opaque coverage to your legs whilst keeping you warm during the cooler months. Silky’s 70 Denier Soft Opaque Triband Hold Ups feature three silicone bands for maximum hold, you won’t have to worry about them falling down plus they're a great price! Last but not least Trasparenze Allen Leather Look Hold Ups, these unique leather look opaque hold ups have an elegant shine and are perfect for a night out or a fancy event.

Why I Can't Live without Opaque Hold Ups

Cat, The Tight Spot staff member tells us why she's never looked back after trying Opaque Hold Ups. "I've always hated tights because of school, they were so uncomfortable and they kept falling down, which was really annoying. Until I tried opaque hold ups, they offer me coverage and warmth, without the rolling waistband, closed brief or sagging crotch. They’re exactly what I needed. They’re always fresh, comfortable and a little bit sexy - even at 100 denier! I recommend the Levante Suede Matte Opaque Hold Ups, they’re so soft and comfortable, I forget that I’m wearing them”.

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  1. Wolford Fatal 80 Seamless Stay Up
  2. Glamory Micro 60 Denier Plus Size Hold Ups
  3. pamela-mann-plus-size-lace-top-hold-ups
  4. Silky-70-Denier-Soft-Opaque-Triband-Hold-Ups
  5. Wolford Velvet De Luxe 50 Hold Ups
  6. Charnos 60 Denier Black Opaque Stay Ups
  7. Trasparenze Rose Opaque Patterned Hold Ups
  8. Trasparenze Ilaria 50 Denier Opaque Hold Ups
  9. Charnos Printed Backseam Sparkle Hold Ups
  10. Wolford Granular Poison Patterned Hold Ups
  11. Gipsy-50-Denier-Opaque-Hold-Ups
  12. silky-opaque-lace-top-holdups
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