Patterned Tights

Are you tired of wearing plain tights? Why not add a unique twist to your outfits with subtle, patterned tights. Choose from black tartan tights to floral funky tights, black lace pantyhose that can transform your look without going over the top.  We'd recommend Fiore patterned tights range for a sophisticated style that can be dressed up or down - from desk to dancefloor in an instant!

When you really want to go all out with your look, funky patterned tights are a fantastic way to do it. Mix print with print or match an accent colour,  to a plain, colour block outfit for a together look. Busy textures like tweed or distressed denim can turn the look to chaos! Don't be afraid, tights from The Tight Spot today and rejuvenate your wardrobe. 

Classy Black Patterned Tights

Black tights are one of the most staple items of hosiery in a women’s wardrobe. Everyone deserves a trusty pair of gorgeous black tights but they don’t have to be plain and boring.

We know how difficult it can be to achieve a balance between formal and fashion for your office wear, that's why we recommend adding black patterned tights to tailored clothing as the perfect, middle ground solution. You can easily create lots of different looks whilst maintaining a classy, sophisticated style. Gabriella tights are a good option with a classic style and soft, comfortable finish.

A Quirky Twist With Patterned Opaque Tights

Top tips on keeping the look chic are to match the funky tights with simple materials - like a sleek leather skirt or soft, knitted dress.

When you really want to go all out with your look, funky patterned tights are a fantastic way to do it!

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  19.  Rose Patterned Wolford Stay Ups
  20.  Passion Dotty Seamed Crotchless Tights
  21.  Oroblu I Love Italy Ravenna Tights
  22.  Fiore Amour Rouge 20 Denier Suspender Tights
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