Hosiery Maintenance

  1. How to Wash Tights: Everything You Need to Know

    Hosiery is an essential wardrobe staple. To ensure your tights and stockings stay in great condition and provide comfort every time you wear them, it's essential to know how

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  2. Week of Wolford: The Ultimate in Long-Lasting and Perfect Fit Hosiery

    Wolford is the leading luxury hosiery brand and it's no surprise due to their commitment to using only the highest quality of materials in all of their pantyhose. From sheer shiny tights and thicker opaque tights to secure stay ups and carefully designed patterned tights, Wolford don't hold back on creating

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  3. How To Wash Tights To Make Them Last Longer

    On average, around 8 billion tights are manufactured and thrown away each year after one use. Not only does this large amount of tights take up lots of space in landfills and waterways, causing pollution, but it can be costly too.

    If you own a pair of tights, you can play your part to

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  4. Wolford Wash & Care

    Wolford tights are worth the money but once you’ve made that investment it is down to you to keep them looking and feeling fresh wear after wear. We are here to help you know how to wash your Wolford pantyhose and keep these luxury products in top condition.

    It goes without saying t

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  5. Wolford Sizing Help

    Wolford use only the best quality yarns to manufacture their clothing. This means that their range often has good stretch making them very size and body shape inclusive. Wolford accommodates petite sizes, tall sizes and plus sizes. 

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  6. How To Make A No Sew Face Mask From Tights or Leggings

    With many of us stuck at home there’s no better time to get crafty and this clever idea is an easy way to make yourself, friends and family masks from hosiery. Soft and stretchy, opaque tights or leggings are created from the perfect material to make a comfortable, close fitting mask.

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  7. Help Save the Planet with your Tights

    We all want to help do our bit for the planet - but ideally without compromising on the quality, convenience or style we’re used to. So, what can we actually do to make our hosiery habit kinder to the environment? Read some small things we can ALL do to help reduce waste and make the hosiery cycle c

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  8. Not Washing Your Tights is Gross

    Washing your hosiery is now recommended by doctors! Undoubtedly wrapping your body in synthetic, tight fitting knitted yarns will cause the transfer of body moisture, skin cells and more. Letting the stockings or tights your wore all day yesterday feaster in your warm and snuggly hosiery draw provides

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  9. Find Out How Tights Are Made

    Most tights are made in a circular knitting machine. Yarn is fed into the machine, which uses 300 to 420 needles to convert the nylon or other fibres used to create the tights into a series of loops. The threading machines make a tubular sleeve of material for the legs. Circular knitting is very fast,

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