Hosiery Maintenance

  1. Week of Wolford: The Ultimate in Long-Lasting and Perfect Fit Hosiery

    Wolford Perfect Fit Hosiery

    Wolford is the leading luxury hosiery brand and it's no surprise due to their commitment to using only the highest quality of materials in all of their pantyhose. From sheer shiny tights and thicker opaque tights to secure stay ups and carefully designed patterned tights, Wolford don't hold back on creating the utmost luxury hosiery no matter the style. 

    If you're looking for a trusty pair of tights to get you through season to season, Wolford offer plenty of styles with varying deniers, designs and fit. To keep you warm in the cooler months, year after year, you'll love the Merino Wolford Tights, available in 3 different colours perfect for fall. These are predominantly made with Virgin Wool for a long-lasting and cosy feel, whilst the moisture-absorbent properties of the wool also create a pleasant temperature for your skin. 

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  2. How To Wash Tights To Make Them Last Longer

    How To Wash Tights To Make Them Last Longer

    On average, around 8 billion tights are manufactured and thrown away each year after one use. Not only does this large amount of tights take up lots of space in landfills and waterways, causing pollution, but it can be costly too.

    If you own a pair of tights, you can play your part to stop this and save yourself time, effort and money before any new event. It's a really simple trick; all you need to do is carefully wash and store your tights properly before you next need to wear them. While washing tights might seem daunting, it's not if you know the process. To know how to wash these delicate items, keep reading. In this article, we'll share with you all the top ways to wash tights.

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  3. Wolford Wash & Care

    How to Wash and Care for your Wolford Tights

    Wolford tights are worth the money but once you’ve made that investment it is down to you to keep them looking and feeling fresh wear after wear. We are here to help you know how to wash your Wolford pantyhose and keep these luxury products in top condition.

    It goes without saying that tights are one of the most fragile items in your wardrobe along with underwear and delicates. But we still end up throwing them in the wash with everything else! Washing hosiery delicately is the easiest way to keep your tights lasting longer. Despite the highest quality yarns being used in Wolford hosiery, they are no exception, in fact you might want to give them a bit more tender love and care to ensure their longevity.

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