Tights for Men

What Are Tights for Men?

Tights for men aren't necessarily any different to women's tights. However, there are certain styles that suit male shapes and needs better than others. Here at The Tight Spot, we welcome all our customers, no matter your gender. Whether you wear tights for warmth, fashion prowess or circulation problems we hope you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Shop our tights for men collection today.

How To Find The Right Tights For Men That Fit You

As a man you will generally need larger sizes that fit taller people, this is because of how you’re built. When purchasing tights for men we recommend paying close attention to the sizing and height information provided for each product. The key factors that you’ll need to know to find the right tights for you are the leg length and a brief that has plenty of depth. You should also look for tights that have a good percentage of Lycra/Elastane - this type of material provides stretch and will ensure the tights fit closely and mould themselves comfortably to your legs. You can do this by checking out our in-depth product information, to find the perfect tights for you. Additionally, we also advise you browse through our plus size range as they’ll have extra thigh room and crotch area for a more pleasant fit. If you’re not sure on where to start we recommend Wolford De Luxe 50 Tights, these tights are super stretchy and soft. Perfect to keep your legs warm during winter.

Which Tights are Best For Men?

When looking for tights for men; high waisted and bigger sizes tend to be the most popular for a comfortable fit. Durability and a soft finish are also key factors that men look for when choosing hosiery. This is why you'll find many high-quality styles from brands such as Wolford and Levante. Furthermore, tights with natural fibres are popular amongst men, due to there soft to the touch feel and comfortable wear. Purchasing tights for men can be difficult that’s why we recommend the Wolford Merino Tights. These tights for men are incredibly soft to the touch and sensationally warm; they're ideal for the colder months.

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    Falke Beauty Plus Size 20 Sheer Tights
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