Plain Top Stockings

When looking for plain top stockings there are a few things that you should look for to make sure they’re right for you. One is to look at our in-depth sizing charts to make sure that you know your measurements so you're able to find the perfect plain top stockings for you, that will fit comfortably around your thighs. Also, make sure you find the correct suspender belt that is easy to attach and adjustable to fit your body. In this section, you will find a wonderful selection of plain top stockings that will look great on any body type.

What Are Plain Top Stockings?

Plain Top Stockings are versatile, easy to wear and offer a classic, chic finish. Furthermore, the smooth top makes attaching to suspender straps simple with a clean, discreet finish under clothing. Which makes plain top stockings perfect for everyday wear yet still sultry enough to make an impression, their subtlety and timeless look are great for any occasion. For a vintage style, we recommend Jonathan Aston Seam and Heel Stockings, created with super soft satin yarns, which provides a leg perfecting light shine. Browse our collection of plain top stockings and find something that suits you today.

Plain Top Stockings For Different Occasions

Plain top stockings don't mean just a sheer stocking with a plain band. There are many different types of plain top stockings ideal for different occasions in your life. If you’re an avid stockings wearer or it's your first time purchasing some, we've put together a small list of plain top stockings for different occasions. If you’re going on a date with a partner, blind date or any other type of date and want to feel sultry and seductive. We recommend Dreamgirl Lace Up Boot Thigh High, these plain top stockings have a stunning lace-up boot design that looks great with a pair of black heels to give the effect of over the knee boots. Furthermore, the Dreamgirl lace-up boot thigh high also offers a polished leg for a show-stopping look. If you’ve got a party and want to complete your look with some plain top stockings, we recommend Dreamgirl Sheer Seamed Stockings, these stockings offer a flawless finish with a traditional back seam and plain top design. You’ll make heads turn at any social event, pair them with a tight-fitting mini dress and heels. On the other hand, if you just want something for everyday wear, especially for work we recommend Silky 70 Denier Soft Opaque Stockings, these are a great alternative to opaque tights and are incredibly comfortable for all-day wear. 

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