Plain Top Stockings

Plain Top Stockings are versatile, easy to wear and offer a classic, chic finish. This style of stocking is perfect for everyday wear yet still sultry enough to make an impression.

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Plain Top Stockings are versatile, easy to wear and offer a classic, chic finish. This style of stocking is perfect for everyday wear yet still sultry enough to make an impression.

Women's Plain Stockings

Plain Top Stockings have a smooth top which makes attaching to suspender straps simple with a clean, discreet finish under clothing. When looking for plain top stockings there are a few things that you should look for to make sure they’re right for you. One is to check our in-depth sizing charts to make sure you select the correct size that will fit comfortably around your thighs. Also, make sure you find the correct suspender belt that is easy to attach and adjustable to fit your body.

At The Tight Spot, we have a broad selection of plain top stockings for women from brands such as Miss O, Silky and Miss Naughty. If you’re seeking shiny stockings with a timeless plain top design, we would recommend the Miss Naughty Gloss Stockings, which are available in plus size up to 3XL! Alternatively, elongate your legs with elegant seamed stockings partnered with a comfortable plain top band like the Miss O Silky Seamed Stockings, featuring a shiny nude base and black back seam detail. 

How To Style Stockings

Plain Top don't mean just a sheer stocking with a plain band. There are many different types of styles ideal for different occasions in your life. If you’re an avid stockings wearer or it's your first time purchasing some, we've put together a small list for different occasions.

  • For date night, feel sultry and seductive in the Trasparenze Sara Luxury Stockings, offering 3 different colours with a soft matt finish. Less is more!
  • If you’ve got a party and want to complete your look then we recommend the Scarlet Seamer Stockings which have a sophisticated back seam running from thigh high to heel. These plain top stockings are also available in 4 different colour variations, meaning you can transform your partywear with different shades!


Seamed Stockings with Plain Top

Plain Top Stockings are well known for their comfortable band which sits smooth against the skin, but even with their simple design it doesn’t mean they need to be boring! Many plain stockings feature a subtle detail like a back seam running from thigh high to heel which adds an extra element to a pair of plain top stockings. These vintage inspired stockings are great for elongating the legs and adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. One of our most popular seamed nylon stockings is the Fiore Madame Seamed Stockings which are a lightweight 20 denier material with a smooth matt finish. These nude back seam stockings have a retro look with either red or black contrasting seams, ideal for evening attire or romantic look for date night. Alternatively, why not check out our collection of seamed tights.


How Should I Wash Stockings?

To protect the quality of your stockings, it’s best to hand wash them rather than machine wash them. Use cold to lukewarm water with a mild detergent as this is less damaging to the delicate materials of your stockings. Pat dry your stockings instead of using a dryer as the heat can ruin the elasticity of your stockings. We recommend leaving your stockings on a dry towel or soft surface to air dry for a couple of hours or overnight if needed. 

How do stockings stay Up?

Stockings stay up by their design technique of added elastic bands or silicone grips. The elastic band, usually found at the top of the stockings, helps them cling comfortably to your thighs without slipping down. It's like a little magic - the combination of elastic and silicone keeps them in place, so you can strut your stuff with confidence. Stocking accessories like suspender belts also help prevent your stockings from slipping down and are great for when you wear stockings all day long like for work or events. Just make sure to avoid applying moisturizer or oils to your skin before wearing them, as it can reduce the grip and make them more prone to slipping