Wolford, established 69 years ago, has firmly positioned itself as the go to name for luxury legwear, but what makes these Wolford tights so special? We've been looking into which styles our customers love the most and what earns them so much admiration!

Below are the top five Wolford styles, as rated by The Tight Spot customers. Great tights should not only look fabulous, but should make you feel good whilst wearing them - and Wolford tights do just that. But don't just take our word for it. 


"I love my Wolford tights they make me feel amazing and the comments I get from other women. xx" Helen

"Wolford never let's me down, their quality is superb and true to size! I love them so much that I own a dozen pairs!" Elizabeth





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wolford velvet de luxe tights

"These are the best tights I have ever bought and worn. They are so stylish aswell as comfortable." Lorraine


"Absolutely money well spent ... Excellent quality, a perfect fit, supersoft and hard wearing." Avy

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Wolford Satin De Luxe Tights

"The most wonderfull tights I have ever worn they feel so silky both to your leg as well as touch." Mike

"Wolford tights have always been the best and the Satin Touch ones are just perfect. Always recommended. They wear well and wash well, perfect for work or evenings out." Anon.

"Had heard about these, so I bought them for my wife...she loves them!" Rocco

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Wolford Fatal 15 Tights

"These are about the best tights ever. I am becoming a fan of seamless tights and Wolford make the best!" Anon.

"Absolutely the most silkiest and soft and most comfortable pair I've worn , fit is perfect...makes my legs feel soo sensual." P.H.L

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Wolford Satin De Luxe Tights

"Extremely silky smooth texture. I love wearing it. Wolford is the best brand of any pantyhoses." M Hazren

" Perfect!:) " Agne

"Special tights feel and look fantastic." Garys

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All these products have multiple 5 star reviews due to their feel, innovative special features, fit and durability. As you can see, Wolford has consistently made a commitment to innovation, modernity and elegance from the off - developing a brand of creative design matched with technical know-how.

As stated on the company website, “Through holistic understanding of the layer closest to the skin, Wolford is to be worn every day, on every occasion, by every woman.” All Wolford products are manufactured in Europe on specially customised round-knitting machines that allows the distinct ‘second-skin’ feel that Wolford products offer.

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