Lace Tights

Lace Tights: A Timeless Piece

Lace tights are a timeless piece of hosiery, which is often used as a vintage accessory. If you’re looking for a sophisticated, romantic look, we suggest choosing black lace tights as the centrepiece for your entire outfit; we recommend Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Floral Tights to achieve this look. Moreover, Floral lace tights are also making a comeback in the fashion world, we have a wonderful collection of floral lace tights that are also available in plus size. Add some texture and depth to your look with fabulous lace tights, shop our collection today.

How Lace Tights Are Made

Have you ever wondered how lace tights are made? How the intricate patterns are formed to create a hypnotising lace design. Well, lace tights can usually be created in two different ways. One way of creating lace tights is slightly like a puzzle where all the pieces of the lace hosiery are cut and sewn together by a machine that then presses them together. Then they use a tube-like mould to create the legs and hips for a comfortable fit. Whereas the net type lace is created slightly different because of their seamless design. Due to the innovation of technology, this has allowed manufacturers to create seamless lace tights with ease. Although it goes through a similar process to ordinary lace tights - the final outcome is different.

Black Lace Tights: A Short Style Guide

Black lace tights can be perceived as sophisticated and romantic to elegant and edgy; it all depends on how you wear them. If this is your first time trying our lace tights we suggest you get them in the colour black, as they are easier to dress up with compared to coloured lace tights. When you're putting your outfit together choose solid colours and let your legs do the talking, allow your lace tights to be the centre of attention. If you want to give your legs that elongating effect, streamline your outfits with a skirt or dress and some heels to give your legs those extra inches for a high fashion look.

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