Sustainable Styles

  1. Multipack Madness: Stock up and Save up on your favourite tights!

    We are currently living in tougher times with the cost of living crisis affecting all of us in different ways. At The Tight Spot, we understand the need to cut costs but we fundamentally believe that your style should not suffer for it. That’s why we offer 3 for 2 bundles meaning you pay for 2

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  2. Sheertex Indestructible Tights

    Sheertex is the Canadian company behind the world’s most resilient tights. But what makes them so different? With innovative technology, Sheertex is one of the most durable pantyhose brands available right now. All of their products are woven with their own innovative, patent-pending Sheertex Knit T

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  3. Why Sustainable Tights Deserve a Spot in your Drawer

    Sustainability is one of the biggest buzzwords in the fashion industry. While you might be thinking of ditching fast fashion for an eco-friendlier approach, one aspect of our wardrobe is often goes overlooked - our tights.

    How often do you buy a pair of tights and use them only once?

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  4. Tips For Re-Using Your Old Tights

    Whether your old tights and pantyhose are laddered, snagged or have a small hole, rather than throw them away to landfill, here are some top tips to reuse them. 


    1. Home Fresheners

    Whether it is your sock drawer, back of the wardrobe or any closet, cut off

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  5. Sustainable Hosiery is here to stay

    Sustainable Fashion is important for the future of our planet and as a staple of wardrobes across the globe, environmentally friendly tights are a must have. The hosiery industry is turning the tide with new sustainable hosiery options and AW21 is the perfect time to introduce these sustainable fashion

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  6. Help Save the Planet with your Tights

    We all want to help do our bit for the planet - but ideally without compromising on the quality, convenience or style we’re used to. So, what can we actually do to make our hosiery habit kinder to the environment? Read some small things we can ALL do to help reduce waste and make the hosiery cycle c

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