Sustainable Styles

  1. Why Sustainable Tights Deserve a Spot in your Drawer

    Why Sustainable Hosiery Deserves a Spot in your Drawer

    Sustainability is one of the biggest buzzwords in the fashion industry. While you might be thinking of ditching fast fashion for an eco-friendlier approach, one aspect of our wardrobe is often goes overlooked - our tights.

    How often do you buy a pair of tights and use them only once? Do you buy a pair and find a ladder in them after only a few wears? We’re sharing why sustainability matters and our top 5 picks for sustainable tights that you can find on The Tight Spot.

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  2. Tips For Re-Using Your Old Tights

    Tips For Re-Using Your Old Tights

    Whether your old tights and pantyhose are laddered, snagged or have a small hole, rather than throw them away to landfill, here are some top tips to reuse them. 


    1. Home Fresheners

    Whether it is your sock drawer, back of the wardrobe or any closet, cut off the footed part of the tights, fill it with dried flowers, potpourri or herbs and tie it off with a knot to secure. You can always add a ribbon to prettify. Simply refresh the scent by adding a few drops of essential oils.


    2. Deodorise the Home

    The back of the fridge, under the sink and those hard areas that are often overlooked. Using the footed part of your tights, pour in with half cup of baking soda, 10-15 drops of lemon juice and tie a knot to secure it. Place this at the back of the fridge or the area you want to deodorise.

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