Small Stockings & Medium Stockings

Shop our collection of small stockings and medium stockings for women, made to suit your height and body shape. Feel comfortable and confident in our high-quality ladies’ stockings, designed to showcase your pins, while providing the perfect fit with every wear.

  1.  Miss Naughty Gloss Stockings
  2.  Charnos Elegance Shiny Stockings
  3.  Aristoc 10 Denier Ultra Shiny Stockings
  4.  Pearl & Poseidon Lourdes One Piece Seamed Stockings
  5.  Pretty Polly Sheer Stockings 2 Pair Pack
  6.  Leg Avenue Heart Fishnet Stockings
  7.  Miss Naughty Oily Look & Feel Shiny Sheer Stockings up to XXXL
  8.  Fiore Farfalle Butterfly Stockings
  9.  Charnos 24/7 15 Denier Stockings 2 Pair Pack
  10.  Silky Super Shine Stockings
  11.  Pearl & Poseidon Lucienne Glossy Dress and Stockings Set
  12.  Pretty Polly Nylons Gloss Stockings
  13.  Ballerina Black Secret Animal Print Stockings
  14.  Miss O Silky Stockings
  15.  Individual 10 Wolford Stockings
  16.  Glamory Perfect 20 Stockings, Plus Size XL-4XL
  17.  Trasparenze Pennac Seamed Stockings
  18.  Silky Smooth Knit Stockings
  19.  Fiore Burlesque Fishnet Stockings
  20.  Scarlet Seamer Stockings
  21.  Silky Super Shine Lace Top Stockings
  22.  Trasparenze Luxury Sara Stockings
  23.  Pearl And Poseidon Zenia Glossy Stockings
  24.  Fiore Louise 20 Denier Dot Stockings

Shop our collection of small stockings and medium stockings for women, made to suit your height and body shape. Feel comfortable and confident in our high-quality ladies’ stockings, designed to showcase your pins, while providing the perfect fit with every wear.

Buy Small Stockings for Women

Our small stockings for petite sizes are designed to fit a smaller frame and slimmer build. To prevent excess material and bunching, petite stockings will fit snugly against your skin while keeping you comfortable without restriction during daily wear. 

Petite stockings are one of the smallest sizes available on the market, as they come with a  shorter leg length, which makes them perfect for ladies under 5’4”, UK dress size 10 and US dress size 8. Due to the style of stockings, they need to sit on your thigh area, so it’s important to choose the right size to fit your legs, ensuring that the band sits at your desired height. Whether you’re seeking thigh high stockings to wear higher up your legs or classic plain top stockings for everyday wear, our curated range of small stockings has a style for everyone. Shop the full collection today. 


Shop Ladies’ Medium Stockings

Our medium stockings for women are a fantastic all-rounder, designed for women who are between 5’0” to 5’9”, and UK dress size 12-16 or US dress size 10-14.  Medium size stockings are made with a little extra material than small stockings, so they’ll fit slightly longer legs. If you have a taller frame, our long leg stockings may be more suitable for a flattering size that fits perfectly.

If you’re unsure which size stockings to buy, we recommend either sizing up if you’re in between sizes or double-checking our specific sizing charts to make sure you’re choosing the right size to suit your shape. Whether you’re looking for timeless sheer stockings, fashion-forward patterned stockings or super sexy fishnet stockings, we’ve got styles of medium stockings that will leave you feeling amazing and really show off your pins! 

Find Your Perfect Size Stockings

Flaunt your figure in our collection of both small stockings and medium stockings from top brands such as Charnos, Cecilia de Rafael and Trasparenze. No matter your size or shape, our collection caters to a variety of frames to offer a seamless blend of comfort, style and functionality. We also stock high-quality women’s stockings from Wolford, Fiore and Pearl & Poseidon in a variety of styles and deniers. 

One of the best types of women’s stockings for small figures are the Wolford Individual 10 Stockings, which come in  size XS for petite frames between UK dress size 6-8 and US dress size 4-6. These timeless Wolford black stockings are the perfect everyday stockings, which can take you from day to night, meaning you can pair them with casual attire or a glam evening outfit. If you’re looking for something a little more boujee, we recommend the Fiore Louise 20 Polka Dot Stockings. These fashion stockings have a sensual edge with their sheer black base and trendy polka dot pattern. Explore our full range of small and medium stockings now.

Small & Medium Stockings FAQs

What’s the difference between small stockings and medium stockings?

Small stockings are generally made for more petite figures that are of smaller or slimmer build. Petite stockings for women are designed for those under 5’4” or in between UK dress sizes 6-10 and US dress sizes 4-8. Alternatively, medium stockings are designed with more material and longer length, so are best suited to those with slightly taller frames or longer legs. Women who are between UK dress size 12-16 or US dress size 10-14 are best suited to medium stockings. If you were blessed with long legs, then medium stockings would suit those up to 5’9” in height.

If you’re unsure what size you need or if you’re in between sizes, check out our handy size guides, which are available on each product page. This will help you choose the perfect size for your body shape and size for the utmost comfort.

Does the band width of stockings vary from small to medium stockings?

Yes, the larger the size of the stockings, the wider the band width will be. Just like tights, larger sizes of stockings are made with more material to make sure the hosiery fits perfectly around your whole leg. This prevents any tight and restrictive material at the thighs, allowing more freedom of movement. If you’re in between sizes, we recommend sizing up to get the right fit.

How do I know what size of stockings I need?

We want you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible in our stockings, so we’ve broken down each of the sizes in our handy size guides found on each product page. These size charts detail recommendations based on height and dress size, making it easy to choose your ideal size. If you’re in between sizes, we recommend sizing up so you don't risk the chance of your stockings laddering or over-stretching.