Have you ever found yourself buying lots of tights for different occasions? You're not the only one. On average, around 8 billion tights are manufactured and thrown away each year after one use. Not only does this large amount of tights take up lots of space in landfills and waterways, causing pollution, but it can be costly too.

If you own a pair of tights, you can play your part to stop this and save yourself time, effort and money before any new event. It's a really simple trick; all you need to do is carefully wash and store your tights properly before you next need to wear them. While washing tights might seem daunting, it's not if you know the process. To know how to wash these delicate items, keep reading. In this article, we'll share with you all the top ways to wash tights.


How to hand-wash Fishnet Tights


Many think that fishnet tights cannot be hand washed due to the delicate fabrics on each leg. However, the truth is, they can be washed regularly by hand or machine just like all styles of tights.

It's essential to wash this delicate lingerie as when they sit tightly against your skin; they can absorb a lot of sweat and oils secreted by your skin, making them smell. Plus, the feet and crotch area can cause many skin problems if you don't clean them frequently.

When washing your tights, use the hand setting on a machine wash and use cold water, not hot water. You might also want to place the tights inside the laundry bag to protect them. While you can wash tights on a delicate cycle, the best way to look after fishnets is to wash them by hand.


Check the label

Before you wash your tights, regardless of the tight type, you should always look for the label first or check the packaging that the product comes in for any washing guidelines . The label on the tights can give you a range of information on the type of fabric or recommendations on how to wash them. On the contrary, if you can't find any label or washing instructions, you should stick to cool water and a mild laundry detergent.

Pour water into the tub

Once you have your supplies, you'll want to get a small tub and place lukewarm or cold water in it. If your tights have a label, you'll always want to wash them according to the temperature stated on the label. Once the tub is filled, you should add the mild detergent; about a teaspoon size will do. However, if you have more than one pair or a large amount, you might need more detergent.


Mix and sink the item

After adding the delicate detergent, you will want to submerge it properly and leave the tights to soak for a while. When doing this hand washing, you'll want to ensure your movements are gentle and steady, swishing them around in the suds. If you can, try and limit any scrubbing or twisting. If you do this, it could make the fabric stretch or increase the chances of damage. To help you hand wash tights, you can purchase specific tools to make it easier; however, if you don't wash tights that often, it may not be worth the money.


Wash and repeat the process

Following this, you'll want to repeat the hand wash process to ensure they're clean. This means draining the tub and refilling it with lukewarm water. Then you'll want to push the garment flat into the water, moving it up and down until there is no more soap. To know if it's properly clean, you should ensure the garment has no scents. If it does, repeat the process until clean.

How often to clean Stockings

If you want to clean stockings effectively, we advise you against washing your tights after every wear. If your tights have a sheer material, you should wash after every two wears and if they have thick material, after three. To save time, it's also acceptable to wash multiple tights simultaneously; you just have to gently press when doing so. Try to avoid washing them too much, though; if you do, you could risk wearing out the fabric.


How do you get rid of stains from stockings?

If you've found stains on your stockings, there's no need to panic. It is possible when hand washing to get them out carefully. To get them out, do the following:


1. Remove any jewellery from your wrists, and get your delicate clothes and a wet cloth. Dip the wet cloth in cold water, then gently dab on the stain mark. Rub gently, so not to cause damage to the material. However, if you cannot get these stains out with this hand washing technique, there are other chemicals you can use to do this:

  • Club soda: Known to remove red wine stains.
  • Flour or white salt: These two may help remove lotion and chapstick stains. (i.e grease)
  • Hairspray: This product often helps remove ink from tights.
  • Baby wipes: These wipes might be able to help remove lipstick.

2. Add the necessary detergent to the water and let the socks soak in the water for some time.

3. After letting the delicate tights soak in the water, take them out. Then place the stain on a hard flat surface or the towel and gently rub the stain.

4. Get a tablespoon of mild detergent and add it to cold water in a bowl or tub. Then add the tights back into them to wash.

5. When in the water, scrub the tights and then rub them together to remove the stain properly. Letting the tights soak in the cold water temperature for around 10 minutes would be best.

6. Once soaked, take the stockings out and lay them flat in the air to dry.



Is it ok to put tights in the drying machine?

If you're short on time and want to wear tights for an upcoming event, you might be curious to know if you can put them in a dryer. Well, the answer to this question can be somewhat difficult and mixed.

To know if you can put them in the dryer, you should check the label first. If you can, you should aim to put them on the lowest heat setting on the machine and ensure it undergoes a gentle dry. If you have it on high heat and they undergo a rough movement, it can make the tights go dry shrink or affect the material. If it’s not possible to tumble dry, you should always lay them flat out on a drying rack.

Moreover, if you find the tights wet and want to remove excess water before drying, you should not wring them out. Doing this makes you more likely to misshape and stretch them. Instead, you should lay them flat and gently press them to the side of a clean sink or washer drum.



How to properly fold hand washed tights?

Once you've done hand washing, you'll want to treat your tights carefully to ensure that the hard work is not undone. The best way of doing this is to fold and carefully place them correctly. Now, there are typically two ways you can do this to keep them neat.


The Cannoli Method 

Just like the Italian cannoli pastry, this method ensures your tights are folded with proper care and in a similar shape. To do this, you'll want to do the following:

  1. Lay the tights with their toes lined up and on each other.
  2. Then fold them into thirds, keeping the toes tucked inside. When doing this, the thigh bands should poke out the top.
  3. At the toes, roll them upwards and stop rolling when you reach the bottom of the bands of the thigh. You should still ensure the toes are tucked inside and the bands poke at the top.
  4. Keep rolling the tights past the thigh band.
  5. Store the stockings in your wardrobe.


The Flower Method 

If you want your stockings folded like a flower, you should do the following:


  1. Place your tights on top of each other flat, ensuring the toes of the stockings face up.
  2. hen fold them into thirds to ensure the toes are kept inside, and the thigh bands poke out at the top.
  3. Roll the tights upwards, beginning at the toes and stopping at the bottom of the thigh bands. You should ensure the toes are tucked inside, and the thigh bands poke at the top.
  4. Store the tights carefully.


How to preserve your tights/stockings?

To stop your tights from wearing out so quickly, you'll want to do everything you can to preserve them. Here are some helpful tips that can keep your tights in good condition.


Drawer Organisers

One of the simplest ways to store tights is by using hanger hanging closest containers or organisers. These organisers are more like a string bag and allow you to optimise the space in your wardrobe. You can find lots available to order online to help you do this. All you need to do is gently roll your tights and put them into specific compartments, so they don't become wrinkled or squashed.


Silk Bags

Silk bags are an excellent choice if you want to store your tights safely and let them look pretty in your wardrobe. These drawstring bags made out of silk often come with lovely patterns. The bags can be helpful for travel as they don't take up much space. They also double up as a great protection agent from humidity and heat.


Fabric Boxes

Another cool way for a tights organisation system is by using fabric boxes. Depending on the design and shape of the boxes, they can provide either a vintage or modern appearance. You can easily find these boxes online or in homeware shops.


Trim Nails

Before wearing your tights, you should ensure that your toe and fingernails are trimmed to prevent them from snagging. If they catch an unsharp edge, they might easily snag and cause a ladder to run down them.


Don't Wear Rings or Bracelets

Similar to sharp nails, jewellery can often hook onto your tights, causing little edges to catch onto them. Again, you could put yourself at risk of ladders.


Roll from the Waist and Toe

When putting your tights on, you'll want to roll them from your waist to your toe. The best way to do this is by putting your thumbs inside to pull them up gently. Doing this will stop them from catching on to your toenails or being ripped.


Buy a Bigger Size

If possible, always go a size up on your tights. They might brush up on your leg when they're smaller and create holes. They're less likely to rip if they're bigger, as they're easier to apply to your legs and won’t be over stretched, putting additional pressure on the yarns.



Overall, when it comes to tights, you can save money and help the environment by taking care of them properly. When washing, you should always pay careful attention to the instructions on the label to ensure they're looked after gently. Keep packaging or invest in some storage solutions to protect tights in your wardrobe too.

Don't be discouraged by the tight type, either. If you want to look good, fishnet tights are an excellent option and can showcase your curves to others. Fishnets are just as easy to clean as any other tight; it simply takes a bit of effort, soapy water and a gentle approach. They're also much more exciting to look at and wear than standard tights. Regardless of the tight type you choose, though, it's often a good idea to know how tights are made before washing them. Doing this can help you gain a greater insight into their aftercare and storage.