Footless Tights

In Black or Sheer Styles

Footless tights have become essential legwear for every woman’s wardrobe. Due to their endless versatility, black footless pantyhose are a go-to because you can dress them down with a long jumper and trainers or dress them up with a dress and heels. Additionally why not tap into one of this year’s hottest trends with Gipsy's Flower Cut & Sew Lace Leggings. Wear these tights with a skirt and blouse. Add a pop of colour to your outfit with our colourful range. Pamela Mann offers 50 denier footless tights with 7 gorgeous colours, including green, pink, purple, red, orange and more. These neon footless tights have a super soft, matte opaque finish making them extra comfortable and easy to wear. 

Footless tights and leggings may have a similar appearance but the difference is that footless tights have the seams and sometimes a gusset in the brief area that leggings don't have. Leggings you can usually wear as trousers, footless tights you can't. If you’re looking for footless tights that look great with a dress and brogues, we recommend Gipsy’s Glitter Footless Tights to add a little glitz and glamour to your everyday wear.

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  1. Trasparenze Pomelo Fishnet Leggings
  2. Couture Velvet Fleece Footless Tights
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  5. Wolford tights baroque patterned footless leggings
    Wolford Alexa Lace Leggings
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  11. Gipsy Flower Lace Patterned Leggings
  12. stirrup_gloss_dance_tights
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