Over The Knee Tights

In Black or Fishnet Styles

Over the knee tights are a fun fashion style, which is loved around the world and seen on fashionable celebrities such as Beyoncé and Little Mix. They are an easy to wear style that offers a mock over the knee sock look. This means you get opaque coverage that goes up above your knee with a sheer top that offers a leg perfecting finish to your thighs. This achieves the look of knee high socks but still keeps your legs warm. They also have a sensual appeal that gives you a high fashion chic look just like Beyoncé! Shop our collection of black or fishnet over the knee tights today and let your inner pop star shine.

We now have many different styles & variations that include fishnet, cable knit and patterned that come in a variety of rich colours, designs and fabrics. If this is your first time purchasing over the knee pantyhose we suggest trying either the Miss Naughty Over The Knee Tights  or the Miss Naughty Crotchless Over The Knee Tights which are both great value.

How To Wear Over The Knee Tights

Over the knee pantyhose are a simple yet striking design that will add a flirtatious look to any outfit and there are many different ways that you can wear them. For example, pair them with knee-high boots and a t-shirt dress for a fresh off the runway look. Alternatively pair them with a leather high waisted skirt and crop top for a fun night out. 

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  1.  Pamela Mann Plain Over The Knee Tights
  2.  Fiore Dulcinea Over the Knee Double Stripe Tights
  3.  Amour Glamour Sparkle Crotchless Tights
  4.  Amour Lolita Spot Crotchless Tights
  5.  Amour French Kiss Tights Crotchless Over The Knee Tights
  6.  Amour Venus Over The Knee Sparkle Crotchless Tights
  7.  Gipsy Shadow Stripe Tights
  8.  Miss Naughty Over The Knee Tights - Hosiery Outlet
    Miss Naughty Over The Knee Tights - Hosiery Outlet
    Special Price £4.95 Regular Price £7.95
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