Pearl And Poseidon

Pearl & Poseidon allows you to unleash your sexy side and fulfil your seductive fetish desires with these naughty sheer bodystockings and ultra wet look pantyhose.

  1.  Pearl And Poseidon Vespa Crotchless Ultra Shine Tights
  2.  Pearl & Poseidon Ceres Glossy Zippered Crotchless Tights
  3.  Pearl And Poseidon Ailuros Lightweight Shiny Tights
  4.  Pearl And Poseidon Amara Oil Look Seamed Hold Ups
  5.  Pearl And Poseidon Desponia Crotchless Chest High Ultra Shine Tights
  6.  Pearl & Poseidon Lucienne Glossy Dress and Stockings Set
  7.  Pearl & Poseidon Clio Glossy Lace Top Hold Ups
  8.  Pearl & Poseidon Lalita Crotchless Mock Stocking Tights
  9.  Pearl & Poseidon Hestia Ultra Shine Backseam Pantyhose
  10.  Pearl And Poseidon Zenia Glossy Stockings
  11.  Pearl & Poseidon Lourdes One Piece Seamed Stockings
  12.  Pearl & Poseidon Baroness Seamless Pantyhose
  13.  Pearl And Poseidon Miranda Glossy Long Sleeve Crotchless Bodystocking
  14.  Pearl & Poseidon Duchess Seamless Pantyhose
  15.  Pearl & Poseidon Estella Shimmer Crotchless Tights
  16.  Pearl & Poseidon Asteria Crotchless Gloss Bodystocking
  17.  Pearl & Poseidon Dominique Oil Shine Stockings
  18.  Pearl And Poseidon Ophelia Glossy Crotchless Chest High Tights
  19.  Pearl & Poseidon Anastasia Polka Dot Tights
  20.  Pearl & Poseidon Deidre Shiny Crotchless Tights
  21.  Pearl & Poseidon Nefertiti Crotchless Seamed Pantyhose
  22.  Pearl And Poseidon Claudette Shiny Crotchless Tights
  23.  Pearl And Poseidon Delilah Sheer Dress
  24.  Pearl & Poseidon Alexandria Crotchless Tights

Pearl & Poseidon allows you to unleash your sexy side and fulfil your seductive fetish desires with these naughty sheer bodystockings and ultra wet look pantyhose.

The Tight Spot is the UK's exclusive retailer for popular American fetish brand, Pearl And Poseidon. A unique and well-known brand worldwide, Pearl & Poseidon have an incredible collection of shiny tights, colourful hosiery and bodywear.


Wet Look Tights

Wet tights are becoming increasingly popular, and Pearl and Poseidon offers an extensive range. The Marina Wet Look Sheer Tights are one of our favourites for the way they make your legs glow. The Calista Crotchless Seamed Tights offer a wet look that doubles up with a back seam that runs up to a crotchless gusset. Get the wet oily look from this gorgeous and sexy tights collection.


Sheer Shiny Tights

Whatever you're into in the bedroom, we have you covered with our selection of skin tight sheer lingerie. In our Pearl And Poseidon range you will find ultra tight fitting pantyhose, bodystockings and skin tight dresses. All of these tights and bodystockings contain spandex which work to make them comfortable, stretchy and figure enhancing. Our skin tight range comes in different styles from crotchless to long sleeved sheer dresses, certain to make your partner go wild. 


Coloured Tights

Pearl & Poseidon are not only well known for their super glossy tights, they also have an incredible range of colourful hosiery in their most popular styles from bright pinks, ocean blues and racy reds! If you’re seeking high shine combined with popping shades, discover Pearl & Poseidon’s coloured tights collection and you won’t be disappointed. 

A truly diverse and highly sought after tights brand, Pearl & Poseidon really show up with their shiny tights range and glamorous colours.