Compression Tights

Support for both Men & Women

Modern compression tights are sophisticated in design and provide consistent pressure to the legs, increasing blood circulation while offering a comfortable wear that looks and feels attractive. Many styles feature gradient compression that gradually decreases or increases the amount of pressure that is exerted at different points of the leg.

Doctors often recommend compression tights or stockings to improve circulation, stop varicose veins from getting worse, and reduce pain or discomfort. Although compression tights do not cure varicose veins, they can reduce the appearance and painful symptoms associated with them. During pregnancy, women can suffer from tired, swollen and achy feet & legs. Compression tights can relieve this pain and increase circulation by supporting the blood and veins in your legs against the force of gravity, getting the blood back up to your heart and the rest of your upper body more effectively. As far back as ancient times, Roman soldiers often wrapped their legs in leather straps to improve circulation during long marches to combat leg fatigue. 

The pressure created when wearing compression tights helps reduce swelling and fatigue in the legs, perfect for keeping legs energised if you are on your feet all day or for those who find sitting at a desk causes swelling or poor circulation in the ankles and feet. Compression hosiery is a cost-effective, easy to use and safe alternative to traditional multilayer bandaging, which can be used to help those suffering from deep vein thrombosis or varicose veins. If you’re a women, man or athlete, compression tights can be worn to increase performance as they support the major muscle groups, allowing them to function more efficiently and recover quickly. On this page, you will find a large range of compression tights so it’s important to locate a style that will work for you. From Wolford’s Velvet 66 Support Tights that are ideal for everyday wear to Silky’s Flight Socks that help your legs during long-haul flights, all features and specifications have been carefully noted to help you make the right choice. 


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  1. Fiore Comfort 20 Compression Tights
  2. Lida Relaxing Plus Size Compression Tights
  3. Glamory Vital 40 Support Tights, Plus Size XL-4XL
  4. Levante Control Top and Medium Leg Support Tights
  5. Sheer supporting black wolford tights
  6. Fiore Comfort 40 Compression Tights
  7. Grey supporting wolford pantyhose
  8. Oroblu Repos 40 Control Top Compression Tights
  9. Giulia Relax 50 Denier Compression Tights
  10. Cecilia de Rafael Energize 70 Compression Tights
  11. Silky Sheer Firm Leg Compression Support Tights up to XL
  12. Charnos Firm Energising Compression Support Tights
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