Once deemed as a fashion faux pas, tights as pants have been resurrected by the fashion industry and influencers who are pioneering bold, innovative ways to style tights as the main focal point of their outfit. The tights as pants took social media by storm as Kendal and Kylie Jenner stepped out in tights as pants, followed by IT girl Hailey Beiber styling tights as pants out in New York. We have even seen the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner rock the look at Fashion Week. 

Hot on the trend, our influencers have fused comfort with style in creating their tights as pants look that are giving us all the inspiration we need to step out in the recent high-fashion trend. Explore these creative looks our influencers have created, inspiring you to embrace this trend with confidence and panache.

Black Tights As Pants

Influencer @missinworlford effortlessly showcases glamour in an all-black look, highlighting the luxurious allure of the Wolford satin de luxe tights as the ultimate statement piece for the tights as pants movement. Crafted from an ultra-stretch, shiny nylon material, these tights boast a glorious high-shine finish that demands attention whenever you go! These are the perfect introduction to the tights as pants look, especially if you are looking to experiment with your style. Their 100 denier opacity and luxurious satin shine offer full coverage for those not quite ready to bare all in the bold sheer tights as pants look. Get missinwolford’s look by pairing your satin de luxe tights with a black bodysuit, a tailored black blazer, and oh-so-sexy black heels and you are sure to turn heads and hit the runway

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Blue Tights As Pants 

Looking to make a bold fashion statement? Get the look of our very own fashionista @sonipanda’s look with the electrifying blue heist the sixty tights for an undeniably striking look. These tights go beyond hosiery as a wardrobe staple, they are a testament to both style and comfort with their soft, sustainable materials and seamless design, offering an opaque 60 denier finish, they seamlessly blend fashion and sustainability into one sleek package - what more can a fashion-forward lover ask for? 

Elevate your style like @sonipanda with a matching blue bodysuit and a statement jacket that demands attention! Add your favourite jewellery and top it off with stunning shoes that add colour or contrast to the blue like orange or bold patterns. Whether you're running errands, meeting friends or hitting the town, this tights as pants look is guaranteed to give you main character energy! 

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Red Tights As Pants 

If you love fashion, then you know the impact of red tights this season. They have been seen all over red carpets, fashion shows and of course, on all of our favourite fashion influencers. Our @magie__may recently stepped out in striking Transparence jennifer tights. These red tights are not only a major fashion trend right now, but also a power tool for expressing a bold and fires side to your personality through the outfit you choose, to master the tights as pants look like the beautiful @magie__may, pair your vibrant Trasparenze Gennifer tights with a black bodysuit, or the Ambra shorts, allowing the red tights to take centre stage. Complete the outfit with an oversized black blazer. Accessorise with minimalist jewellery to keep the focus point on the bold hue of the tights. Embrace your inner fashionista with fiery red tights today!

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White Tights As Pants

White tights are everywhere right now, from our favourite fashion influencers to the hottest runways of spring/summer 24. They're truly shaping up to be the ultimate spring trend. White tights are the epitome of freshness and sophistication, making them a go-to staple for warmer seasons. Take a cue from @alexxa_anders, who effortlessly rocks the Fiore Sharon tights bundle in perfect crisp white shade with feminine florals. To pull off nylon alexxa killer tights as pants look, think about styling a monochromatic look. Pair those tights with a black or white top with a sharp blazer for that extra touch of class. Don’t forget those statement red heels for a bit of wow factor. With these tights in your drawer, your style is about to level up big time! 

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Sheer Black Tights As Pants

Sheer black tights as pants are the ultimate cool girl look right now, being the most popular style for this trend among celebrities and influencers alike. For a sexy and bold vibe, look no further than influencer @thenylonbea outfit for sleek style inspiration. To get the @nylonbea look, snag yourself a pair of Wolford Fatal 50 seamless tights. These are the opaque, seamless revolution that your wardrobe has been looking for! Make sure you pair with a black bodysuit that fits well to accentuate your curves. For an extra touch of flair, layer with a stylish leather jacket or blazer and stiletto heels for a high-fashion look that is sure to turn heads. Accessories with statement jewellery and even a chunky belt to elevate your look even further! 

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