Luxury Hold Ups

We have stay ups decorated with exquisite lace tops, finished with quality craftsmanship using high quality yarns and the best knitting techniques in the world. For the perfect finish and fit, treat yourself to some luxury hold ups that you'll love to wear. Our range includes highend brands including Austrian Wolford and Italian Oroblu.

Satin Hold Ups are the finest of the finest. A satin finish offers a silky smooth, slightly glossy look which is a dream to touch and look fabulous when you put them on. The slight shine from satin gives your legs a healthy, polished glow. We recommend the Gipsy Plain Top Luxury Satin Hold Ups featuring a gorgeous satin sheer appearance that will make your legs look beautiful and flawless.

If luxury is an indulgence that refines your lifestyle then Wolford is the last word in legwear perfection. Here at The Tight Spot, we stock the most luxurious hold ups that Wolford has created, giving you a product that is soft to the touch with high quality yarns. We recommend the Fatal 15 Seamless Stay Ups for the warmer seasons. These luxury thigh highs offer the ultimate finish and are available in three different colours, created with a high elasticity material that offers optimal fit.

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  1.  Falke Lunelle 8 Sheer Hold Ups
  2.  Passion Sparkle Hold Ups
  3.  Cecilia de Rafael Eterno High Shine Hold Up
  4.  Glamory Allure 20 Hold Ups up to 4XL
  5.  Sheertex Classic Sheer Unbreakable Thigh Highs
  6.  Trasparenze Lucrezia Lace Band Hold Ups
  7.  Miss Naughty Fishnet Hold Ups, Up To 3XL
  8.  Giulia Flore Rose Patterned Hold Ups
  9.  Satin Touch 20 Wolford Stay-Ups
  10.  Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla Super Shiny Hold Ups
  11.  Trasparenze Ambra Natural Fishnet Stay Ups with Lace Top
  12.  Trasparenze Vlinder Sparkle Hold Ups
  13.  Falke Shelina 12 Lace Top Hold Ups
  14.  Couture Ultra Gloss Lace Top Hold Ups
  15.  Trasparenze Coloured Valentina Hold Ups
  16.  Falke Seidenglatt 15 Deep Lace Top Hold Ups
  17.  Velvet De Luxe 50 Wolford Stay-Up
  18.  Velvet Light 40 Wolford Stay Ups
  19.  Falke Shelina 12 Toeless Hold Ups
    Falke Shelina 12 Toeless Hold Ups
    Special Price £12.95 Regular Price £18.95
  20.  Glamory Comfort Lace Top Hold Ups, Plus Sizes XL to 4XL, 20 denier
  21.  Glamory Deluxe 20 Hold-Ups, Plus Size XL-4XL
  22.  Trasparenze Gennifer Plain Wool Hold Ups
  23.  Falke Pure Matt 50 Lace Top Stay Ups
  24.  Glamory Micro 60 Hold-Ups, Plus Size XL-4XL
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