Toeless Tights

In Black, Fishnet Styles and More

It's a dilemma, you want to wear your best open toe shoes but you also want the leg perfecting coverage of sheer tights - well fear not! Toeless tights are the answer, from peep toe sandals to open toe boots this range will give you leg confidence for a true bare leg look. These tights are perfect for the summer because you can wear your favourite sandals and have a flawless bare leg look! You can also show off your painted toenails in one of our black or tan styles, from top brands like Trasparenze's Tropea Tights or Falke Shelina Toeless Hold Ups. Furthermore, we also recommend Wolford Luxe 9 toeless pantyhose for a luxury, satin sheer finish. Ultimately if you want the perfect leg look for summer, toeless tights are a must-have!

The Benefits of Toeless Tights

There are many benefits to purchasing toeless tights, one of them being that they're great for the warmer months. If you're insecure about your legs or want to cover up imperfections you can wear one of the products in our nude range and pair them with some sandals or open toe shoes for a summer look. Another benefit is that they are practically invisible and give your legs a smooth look without the hassle of shaving or waxing. We recommend Levante Senza No Toe Tights, the toeless feature and 10-denier appearance gives these tights a barely there look that is light and airy for a smooth leg and all-day comfort when the weather gets warmer.

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  4. Wolford-Luxe-9-Toeless-tights
  5. Levante Senza No Toe Tights
  6. Glamory 20 Plus Size Toeless Tights
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  11. Fiore Eluxa Toeless Hold Ups
  12. Giulia Toeless 15 Tights
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