Seamed Tights

Seamed Tights & Pantyhose in Black or Fishnet Styles

Seamed tights are the most traditional style of hosiery. In the 1920s seamed tights were an unavoidable aspect of legwear, as hosiery was knitted as a flat piece and stitched together into a tube to fit around the leg. Now machines can knit circular garments without the need for a seam - hence why seamed tights are usualy only fashion styles or seen when the material is thicker or has less stretch than regular tights material. The fashion industry love seamed tights because of their feminine appeal and leg-lengthening effects as well as their retro, glamourous image. If you're wanting to channel a truly vintage look, pair any seamed tights with an A-line skirt, fitted shirt and pumps. Alternatively, go for a fabulous flapper girl style with a sequin number and seamed tights - great for a fancy dress-up party or a night out. 

Great style is all about the particular details of your outfit and seamed tights are a great way to pull your outfit together and create a luxurious, vintage look. There are many different ways you can wear back seamed tights, for a demure and daring look we'd suggest pairing Miss O Seamed Open Crotch Pantyhose, (available in four different colours) with a long red bodycon dress and black heels. For a classic Aubrey Hepburn style, pair the Cecilia de Rafael Hyde Park Back Seam Tights with a circle skirt and twinset. Don't forget your sunglasses and you'll be oozing sophistication and high fashion.

How To Put On Seamed Tights

Seamed Tights can be tricky to get on properly - twisted seams or off centre cuban heels can cause the look to fall flat, so follow this handy guide to make sure your seamed tights look and feel sensational!

Step 1:  Make sure you've choosen the right size, shade and style of seamed tights for your bodyshape and outfit. If you are wearing a short skirt, make sure the seams run all the way to waistband and check if there's a reinforced brief.

Step 2: Make sure any jewellery or nail snags are kept well away from the tights as you put them on. You don't want to smooth out your seamed tights and cause a run straight away! Give the seamed tights a slight stretch before you put them on for the first time to get those yarns warmed up and ready.

Step 3: Hold out the tights so you can see the seam and start to gather one leg into your hands, watching the seam with the aim of keeping it central. When most of the leg is in your hands, carefully place your foot into the tights and unravel the hosiery as you stretch the tights up your leg. Remember to focus on trying to keep the seam central to the back of the leg. When you reach just above the knee, repeat the gathering process with the other, empty leg.

Hint: It helps to be seated during this process!

Step 4: Repeat the process of putting your foot into the tights and pull the leg up over the knee, keeping the seam in place as you go. Carefully pull the top of the tights over the last part of your thighs and smooth out the waistband until comfortable. Check the positioning of the seam in a mirror - if small adjustments are required, try to do these gently without pulling the material too much as this will cause distortion.

If the seams are way off, it's safest to carefully remove the tights and start again.

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