Seamed Tights

The History of Seamed Tights

Before the Second World War nylon was used to create tights and stockings but when the war began nylon became rationed to create useful materials for the war, like parachutes. Women in the 1940s loved to wear seamed tights but no longer could purchase them so they decided to use their creativity and paint on the backseam line across the back of their legs for a seamed tights effect. Nowadays there is no shortage of seamed tights, which has become a fashion staple in many women's lives due to their elegance and everlasting appeal. Hosiery brands like Wolford and Charnos have created luxurious seamed tights with an alternative design that will give you that vintage yet modern look you've always wanted. We recommend Wolford Individual 10 Control Top Back Seam Tights for a stunning seamed tights with a smooth finish.

How to Wear Seamed Tights

Great style is all about the particular details of your outfit and by having seamed tights it will pull your outfit together to create a luxurious vintage look. There are many different ways you can wear back seamed tights, for a demure and daring look we'd suggest pairing Miss O Seamed Open Crotch Pantyhose, (available in four different colours) with a long red bodycon dress and black heels. For a classic Aubrey Hepburn style pair the Cecilia de Rafael Hyde Park Back Seam Tights with a little black dress, heels and sunglasses; you'll be oozing sophistication and high fashion - seamed tights are perfect for any classy event. Browse our collection of seamed tights today.

How Seamed Tights Are Made and Their Growing Popularity

Seamed tights are the most traditional style of hosiery and have now become a fashion feature to many. In the 1920s seamed tights was an unavoidable aspect of legwear as hosiery was knitted as a flat piece and stitched together into a tube to fit around the leg. Whilst we now have machines that can knit circular garments without the need for a seam, the style is still hugely popular within tights, stockings and hold-ups. The fashion industry love seamed tights because of their feminine appeal and leg-lengthening effects, as well as their retro, Hollywood glamour image. If you're wanting to channel a truly vintage look, pair any seamed tights with an A-line skirt, fitted shirt and pumps. Alternatively, go for a fabulous flapper girl style with a sequin number and seamed tights - great for a fancy dress-up party or a night out. We suggest the popular Pamela Mann Jive Seam Tights, perfect for a 1940s look, which is also available in plus size up to 3XL. Preferably for a luxury finish, try Trasparenze Malle Seamed Tights. These seamed tights feature an all over, mini heart motif and a subtle diamond pattern throughout, these unique back seamed tights are ideal for any special occasion or a hot date. Shop our variety of seamed tights today.

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