Seamed Tights

Seamed tights are one of the most original pieces of hosiery which now work to give you a gorgeous vintage look. Seamed pantyhose can give you the illusion of longer legs and the detail on the back of your legs will turn heads.

We have a very large range of seamed tights, from subtle back seam tights to bolder patterned seamed tights. One of our favourite black seamed tights are the Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla Chic Seamed Tights which have a gorgeous gloss finish. For nude or beige seamed tights, we love the Trasparenze Pennac Seamed Tights which is rated 5/5 stars by customers. We also have seamed crotchless tights, with the Pearl And Poseidon Calista Crotchless Seamed Tights being a favourite, as well as many other gorgeous seamed styles.

Seamed Tights

Seamed Stockings are a perfect way to add a sophisticated and seductive look to any outfit! If you’re looking for sexy stockings or maybe some vintage seamed stockings then you are in the right place. The Tight Spot’s collection of back seamed stockings are both seductive and retro. Ranging from a simple back seam line to seamed bows running up the legs, we’ve got you covered.

Stockings with Seams

Seamed Stockings provide a sophisticated hosiery look that can also be seen as a vintage hosiery look due to the seamed stocking being highly fashionable and popular in the earlier half of the twentieth century. 

Whether it is Black Seamed Stockings, Fishnet Seamed Stockings, Nude Seamed Stockings, Plus Size Seamed Stockings, Tan Seamed Stockings we have you covered.

Seamed Nylons

The Tight Spot’s range of seamed nylons  includes seamed tights, seamed stockings and seamed hold ups for every occasion.

How To Wear Back Seam Tights

  1. Make sure you have the right size. We have a range of sizes including plus size seamed tights.
  2. Remove any rings or bracelets to avoid snags. We recommend giving the seamed tights a slight stretch before you put them on for the first time to get those yarns warmed up and ready.
  3. Hold out the tights so you can see the seam and start to gather one leg into your hands, watch the seam with the aim of keeping it central. When most of the leg is in your hands, carefully place your foot into the tights and unravel the hosiery as you stretch the tights up your leg. When you reach just above the knee, repeat the gathering process with the other leg.
  4. Carefully pull the leg up over the knee, keeping the seam in place as you go. Check the positioning of the seam in a mirror, if small adjustments are required, try to do these gently without pulling the material too much.
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  1.  Silky Fishnet Backseamed Tights
  2.  Pretty Polly Nylons Gloss Backseam Tights
  3.  Pamela Mann Jive Seam Tights Curve Super Stretch Up to 5XL
  4.  Passion Seamed Mock Suspender Tights
  5.  Trasparenze Pennac Seamed Tights
  6.  Passion Mock Garter Suspender Tights
  7.  Amour Lolita Spot Crotchless Tights
  8.  Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Chic Seamed Tights
  9.  Pamela Mann Seamed Dotty Tights
  10.  Pretty Polly Back Seam Curve Tights
  11.  Fiore Firelight Crotchless Seamed Tights
  12.  Fiore Unique 20 Seamed Tights
  13.  Passion Back Seamed Tights
  14.  Gabriella Erotica Fiera Seamed Open Crotch Tights
  15.  Pearl & Poseidon Nefertiti Crotchless Seamed Pantyhose
  16.  Pearl And Poseidon Calista Crotchless Seamed Tights
  17.  Scarlet Seamer Tights
  18.  Passion Seamed Crotchless Tights
  19.  Miss O Seamed Open Crotch Pantyhose
  20.  Amour Diva Seamed Mock Thigh High Crotchless Tights
  21.  Gabriella Erotica Luxury Carmen Open Crotch Tights
  22.  Giulia Love Chic Suspender Tights
  23.  Cecilia de Rafael Hyde Park Back Seam Tights XL Available
  24.  Leg Avenue Woven Bow Crotchless Tights
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