Miss O Pantyhose

Glamorous, crotchless tights can be hard to find; that's why we stock crotchless tights by Miss O Hosiery.  This European, crotchless hosiery specialist has many sensual and feminine styles that will make you feel empowered and release your inner vixen on date night 

Miss O Crotchless Pantyhose

If you're looking for a classic style that is also versatile, we recommend Miss O's open crotch pantyhose. These sheer, crotchless tights have a shimmering, high gloss finish that covers unwanted blemishes and imperfections with a wonderful colour selection, including pink and blue for a fun, fashionable finish. Made with high-quality yarns that have a super shine finish and are soft to the touch, providing ultimate comfort for all day wear whilst making your legs look sensational.

Miss O Crotchless Tights

Crotchless tights offer many benefits as a result of the open gusset area, including increased ventilation to keep you cool and help prevent any yeast infections, as well as giving you more freedom of movement and ease of use for every day and romantic wear.  Our range of Miss O crotchless pantyhose are also available in plus sizes up to XXL.

Miss O Seamed Crotchless Tights

For a sexy, vintage style we recommend Miss O’s crotchless tights range.  These crotchless tights are seductive yet sophisticated as they feature a strip panty open crotch design together with a classic back seam, which elongates the leg. They also have a decorative v line brief, giving them a unique, attractive finish. These sheer, seamed tights are available in a range of colours, including nude and black, up to plus size XXL, so you can style them with any outfit and show off your curves.

Miss O’s crotchless tights have the added benefit of breathability for intimate areas due to the open gusset, improving feminine hygiene. No one will know your crotchless tights secret beneath your clothes, but you'll be much fresher and more comfortable.

Miss O Hold Ups

Stunning, wet look Miss O hold ups have a 120 denier opaque finish with a brilliant shine Miss O Leather look hold ups are available in black but also shimmering gold and hot pink too

Miss O Stockings

Miss O's fabulous range just gets better with these gorgeously shiny, silky stockings. As seen in Miss O's beautiful crotchless range, all their products are made from the finest yarns resulting in an amazing value, luxury look and feel product. These glossy stockings feel soft and silky to the skin.

Miss O Crotchless Body Stocking

If you're looking to spice up your love life and have some fun in the bedroom we suggest the Miss O Fishnet crotchless bodystocking. Reviewed highly by our customers for its perfect fit and super sexy look. This long sleeved, wide net body stocking will give you a seductress appeal, which can also be worn with shorts and a slinky top for a striking look during the day and saved for a cheeky bedroom style that will make your partner feel hot under the collar.





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