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  1. Don’t be in a Tight Spot this Valentine’s Day! Find Your Perfect Match in Sexy Hosiery

    Valentine's Day is a special occasion to celebrate love. The aim is to be romantic and have quality time together, which additionally encourages dressing up for the occasion. Create an irresistible, elegant and sensual look with help from our romantic hosiery section.

    At The Tight Spot, we have

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  2. Back to Basics! Explore The Top 10 Best-Selling Tights You Need For Work This Year

    Finding suitable and appropriate work wear for the office can be a challenging and boring thing. Women in the office today want to look stylish, powerful, and business-like. With the changing fashion trends, one can find themselves torn between different styling options. But, the detail that never goes

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  3. Fight the Freeze! Top 10 Cosy Tights For Keeping You Warm This Winter

    As the temperatures start to decrease, the first instinct is to reach for warmer clothes. These warmer clothes often include heavier fabrics and outerwear. With the dropping temperatures, women particularly reach to leggings and jeans as the most suitable option to keep the legs warm. However, tights

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  4. How To Wear Hold Ups

    What do you look for when buying tights? For many, it might be appearance, texture, fabric and style. One tight style that is worth checking out that's a bit different yet quite glamorous is hold ups. If you're unfamiliar with holdups, they're stockings that support themselves due to a secure yet

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  5. Why are Wolford Neon 40 the best Wolford Tights?

    Wolford Neon 40 Tights are something of a superstar when it comes to the hosiery world. Having adorned the legs of some of the most powerful, influential, and successful women in the world their beautiful, sheen finish not only looks effortlessly glamourous but will make you feel amazing too!

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  6. How to Wear a Bodysuit That Makes You Feel Confident

    When you think of clothes, one thing that often comes to mind is dresses, skirts, jeans and maybe sweaters. Probably one item that doesn't come rushing to your mind is a bodysuit, but it should!

    Bodysuit Outfits are essential for summers, winters, in between seasons and pretty much any event.

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