Giulia Hosiery

Giulia Hosiery offers a fantastic range of everyday essentials mixed in with fun, quirky fashion all at amazing prices. The Eastern European brand hasn’t been around as long as some labels but nonetheless, it has become one of the most exciting young brands in recent hosiery history. Moreover Giulia’s 40 Extra XXL Tights and Molly Tights are plus size options that offer a great fit for curvy ladies up to 4XL! Giulia hosiery has achieved the perfect line of legwear products in every aspect and detail, including design, materials, fit and price. Shop our collection of Giulia hosiery today!

Giulia Hosiery Are An Everyday Essential Tights

Giulia hosiery offers a wide range of premium products, perfect for everyday wear. Additionally, our Giulia hosiery collection includes sheer tights, back-seamed tights, cotton tights and more to complete your daily looks. Furthermore, if you’re looking for an everyday essential we recommend the Giulia Toeless Tights; a polished style that gives you legs an airbrushed appearance. The open toe aspect allows you to wear your favourite sandals no matter the weather - try them for yourself.

Giulia Hosiery For The Young Fashionistas

Giulia hosiery is a young brand based in Ukraine, their fashion tights have expanded immensely giving way to popularity in Eastern Europe and around the world. Giulia hosiery includes sheer tights, opaques but most importantly fashion tights. Giulia’s fashion tights are unique and different compared to other hosiery brands. Furthermore, they focus on sophistication with a hint of funkiness; the perfect blend for young fashionistas to get involved with, due to their good quality and great value prices, it’s no wonder Giulia hosiery is becoming a tights lovers favourite.

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  1. Giulia Extra 40 Plus Size Tights XXL & XXXL
  2. Giulia Molly 40 Plus Size Tights up to 4XL
  3. Giulia Intimo Crotchless Tights
  4. Giulia Seamless Leggings
  5. Giulia Kira Tattoo Tights
  6. Giulia Relax 50 Denier Compression Tights
  7. Giulia 40 Travel Socks
  8. Giulia Alison Star Pattern Tights
    Giulia Alison Star Pattern Tights
    Out of stock
  9. Giulia Gloss Up Sparkle Over The Knee Tights
  10. Giulia Mirella Fishnet Panel Tights
  11. Giulia Lovers All Over Heart Tights
    Giulia Lovers All Over Heart Tights
    Special Price £6.95 Regular Price £9.95
  12. Giulia Lovers Heart Ankle Motif Tights
    Giulia Lovers Heart Ankle Motif Tights
    Special Price £6.95 Regular Price £9.95
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