Sustainable Tights

Sustainable tights are the tights of the future and Sustainable Fashion choices are increasingly popular as we make environmentally friendly choices in our daily lives. The Tight Spot is pleased to offer our world wide hosiery lovers a range of sustainable tights made by durable pantyhose brands. Environmentally friendly tights include tights made with recycled materials, compostable tights and tights that are ultra durable, meaning you get through less pairs and so less tights end up in landfill sites. 

The Tight Spot offers a range of sustainable hosiery products including sustainable pantyhose and sustainable stockings. If you are looking for a durable pantyose brand, we would recommend checking out Sheertex. The Tight Spot also has a range of sustainable fashion tights which includes patterned tights made from recycled materials. If you are looking to make an environmentally friendly fashion statement, we recommend the Oroblu Eco Tights. For more luxury environmentally friendly tights, try out the Wolford Aurora pantyhose. Wolford’s complete Aurora range is totally biodegradable, recycalable and has been awarded the Gold Cradle To Cradle Certification. The collection includes tights, masks, leggings and more. The Cecilia de Rafael econyl tights are the perfect ethical tights for the office as these plain black tights are made using recycled materials whilst maintaining a ultra smooth for a chic look and extra comfortable wear. Their non-plastic packaging is also completely recyclable and they are no more expensive than other plain tights. Choose tights that don’t cost the Earth!

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  1.  Pretty Polly Biodegradable Seam Free Leggings
  2.  Sheertex Classic Opaque Unbreakable Tights
  3.  Aurora Wolford Leggings
  4.  Wolford Net Roses Tights
  5.  Oroblu Eco Sneaker Style Black Lines Tights
  6.  Sheertex Classic Sheer Unbreakable Thigh Highs
  7.  Pretty Polly Biodegradable Spot Tights
  8.  Falke Eden Women's Patterned Leggings
    Falke Eden Women's Patterned Leggings
    Special Price £19.95 Regular Price £27.95
  9.  Aurora Eco Wolford Face Mask
    Aurora Eco Wolford Face Mask
    Special Price £24.95 Regular Price £29.95
  10.  Aurora 15 Wolford Tights
  11.  Wolford Romance Net Catsuit
  12.  Oroblu Eco Sneaker Style Pyramid Tights
  13.  Wolford Monogram Flower Net Leggings
  14.  Cecilia de Rafael Sublime Opaque Recycled Smooth Tights
  15.  Wolford Monogram Flower Net Tights
  16.  Crochet Net Wolford Tights
  17.  Sheertex Classic Sheer Unbreakable Tights
  18.  Cecilia de Rafael Sublime Recycled Sheer Shine Tights
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