Cecilia de Rafael Tights

Cecilia De Rafael is a Spanish company that produces their tights in Italy, where some of the best hosiery in the world is crafted. Due to this fact, the brand has become one of the most luxurious hosiery brands on the market, incorporating innovative designs and the latest hosiery technology. For example, the Sevilla gloss range features a special, patented yarn that makes for the shiniest hosiery we've ever seen. This special yarn gives a wet look, oiled finish when stretched over legs that you really have to see to believe. The brand also use some environmentally friendly materials when creating their tights that decompose more easily - fashion with a conscience! 

Cecilia de Rafael Eterno

If you're looking for gorgeous shiny tights, we recommend Cecilia de Rafael. We've put together a few of our customer favourites based on their reviews:

which include the gorgeous Eterno 15 Shiny Tights  due to the large range of colours available and super shiny finish that our customers love. Cecilia de Rafael are specifically renowned for their oil shine glow. 


Cecilia de Rafael Seamed Tights


Love Seamed Tights? Cecilia de Rafael’s Seamed Hyde Park Tights are also a customer favourite because of their Hollywood glamour, retro back seam.


Cecilia de Rafael Gloss Tights


If you are new to Cecilia De Rafael we recommend trying the Vidrio Sheer Gloss Tights. Our large range of gloss tights have a shine finish and are available in multiple colours up to XXL, in 15 denier and at a great price.

Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla


Step it up a notch and hit the Sevilla range, including the Libero and Chic styles which are more expensive, but you get what you pay for. We love the Sevilla Libero Gloss Seamless Tights

Cecilia De Rafael Seamless Tights

Seamless tights, as their name suggests, do not have any seams and are therefore made specifically for wearing under tight fitting or sheer clothing so that no lines are visible. Tights that are made using the traditional cut and sown technique have seams, which can sometimes aggravate the skin or show up underneath clothing.  Seamless tights are more challenging to make as they are woven from one long strand of fabric. The legs are not joined with seams around the brief and gusset area as they would be with regular tights.  To achieve this, high-quality yarns need to be used, which are soft and very elasticated, so the overall stretchiness allows the tights to conform perfectly to your body shape.

CDR Tights

Cecilia De Rafael hosiery (also known as ‘CDR’) offers high fashion seamless tights. If you love shiny tights then the Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Gloss Libero Seamless Tights are ideal.  The oil finish of these CDR pantyhose gives your legs an uninterrupted shine from toe to waist.  Available from XS to XL, these seamless tights offer a great fit and feature a wide comfort waistband, so they are comfortable to wear all day, as well as being sheer to waist so that you can wear tight fitting outfits with confidence. 


CDR Pantyhose


If you prefer classic styles of Cecilia De Rafael pantyhose, the Cecilia De Rafael Miss 20 Seamless Tights are a good choice.  These 20 denier, sheer seamless tights in natural shades will give leg coverage whilst appearing and feeling as if you are not wearing tights at all! Designed to be as discreet as possible under clothing with a sheer to waist brief, no seams and no gusset.  They also feature a soft, wide waistband for a smooth finish that sits comfortably.  Try these seamless CDR tights and let us know what you think – leave a review directly on the product page or via the link in our email after purchasing.  


The Cecilia De Rafael seamless tights are available in a range of colours and shades so that you can choose the right colour for your skin tone and outfit to achieve flawless leg coverage with toe to waist smoothness and no lines showing.  

CDR Pantyhose in the USA 

Cecilia De Rafael Pantyhose are loved by our customers, especially USA customers. Take a look at the CDR pantyhose reviews to see which styles have the best ratings. Customers are impressed with the high shine finish, good fit and value.  “Cecilia De Rafael is really a superior brand in terms of quality and cheaper than other superior brands! I'm in love with them.” 


Review of Vidrio Tights, by Fabien Hattenberger. European hosiery brands are considered the best in the world, so it’s no wonder that delivering this brand to the USA market has been hugely popular. 

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