Cecilia de Rafael Tights

Cecilia De Rafael Tights Are The Shiniest Tights in The World

If you're looking for gorgeous shiny tights, we recommend Cecilia de Rafael. We've put together a few of our customer favourites, which include the gorgeous Eterno 15 Shiny Tights and the Sevilla Libero Gloss Seamless Tights due to their fantastic range of colours and sensational design, both with Cecilia de Rafael's famous oil shine. Furthermore, the Seamed Hyde Park Tights are a customer favourite because of their Hollywood glamour style that covers imperfections with a gorgeous, silky sheer finish. If you are new to Cecilia De Rafael tights we recommend trying the Vidrio Sheer Gloss Tights. These gloss tights have a shine finish and are available in multiple colours up to XXL, at a great price. If you like these, step it up a notch and hit the Sevilla range. The Cecilia de Rafael tights quality will wow you and you’ll be ready to try more! Shop the Cecilia de Rafael tights collection today.

Cecilia De Rafael Tights History

Cecilia De Rafael is a Spanish company that produce their tights in Italy, where some of the best hosiery in the world is crafted. Due to this fact, Cecilia de Rafael tights has become one of the most luxurious hosiery brands on the market, incorporating innovative designs and the latest hosiery technology. For example, the Sevilla gloss range features a special, patented yarn that makes for the shiniest hosiery we've ever seen. This special yarn gives a wet look, oiled finish when stretched over legs that you really have to see to believe. Cecilia de Rafael tights also use some environmentally friendly materials when creating their tights that decompose more easily - fashion with a conscience! 


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  1. Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio Crotchless Tights
  2. Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio Gloss Tights
  3. Cecilia De Rafael Uppsala Gloss Black Tights
  4. Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Super Lucido Shiny Tights
  5. Cecilia-de-Rafael-Sevilla-Super-Shiny-Hold-Ups-Natural
  6. Cecilia de Rafael Eterno High Shine Hold Up Moreno
  7. Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Pois Polka Dot Tights
  8. Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Super Lucido 10 Shiny Tights
  9. Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Chic Seamed Tights
  10. Sevilla-libero_seamless_tights-Natural
  11. Cecilia_de_Rafael_Eterno_15_super_shiny_tights_with_sevilla_yarns
  12. Cecilia-De-Rafael-Mangas-Bodysuit
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