Monthly Archives: May 2019

  1. Sexy Stockings

    Sexy Stockings Stockings require a suspender belt to hold them up - but this is what completes the flattering and seductive look, for your partner, or just to feel sexy for yourself.

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  2. How Do Hold Ups Stay Up and Stay Secure?

    Stay ups, thigh highs or hold ups are all the same thing and refer to hosiery that is much simpler and easier to wear than stockings and suspenders, whilst still maintaining a gorgeous and empowering feminine look.

    So they look amazing but how do they stay up? Hold ups stay in place by using

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  3. Help Save the Planet with your Tights

    We all want to help do our bit for the planet - but ideally without compromising on the quality, convenience or style we’re used to. So, what can we actually do to make our hosiery habit kinder to the environment? Read some small things we can ALL do to help reduce waste and make the hosiery cycle c

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