Lace Top Hold Ups

Lace top hold ups are thigh highs that finish with a cuff at the top crafted from lace. It can be a narrow or deep welt of lace, depending on the design and your preference. They are a perfect choice for a striking, sensual look and you can chose from sheer, opaques to fishnets and more. A lace top adds a feminine, racy edge to your hosiery look that will wow your partner.

Bridal lace top hold ups could be the missing piece to your beautiful outfit on that special day. Our range also includes a selection of wedding hold ups from brands including Falke, Trasparenze or Wolford. For a high fashion bridal look, we recommend the highly popular Wolford Satin Touch 20 Stay ups as they offer an elegant satin finish and are a charming addition to your outfit.

The Best Lace Top Hold Ups

Are you looking for hold ups that are visually stunning and will hug your thighs in all the right ways, giving your legs a gorgeous glow and hide any skin imperfections? Then we have two of the best products for you.

If you’re a plus size lady and have difficulties finding lace top hold ups that will sit comfortably around your thighs, we recommend the Deluxe 20 Hold Ups from plus size specialists Glamory. These gorgeous hold ups are available up to UK dress size 34-36 and feature a red and black floral lace pattern for a decadent and sensual look.

If you’re looking to up your style game we recommend Trasparenze Ambra Natural Fishnet Lace Top Hold ups, these luxury fishnet hold ups come in 4 different shades to match your skin tone – it’s an understated style that has been elegantly crafted, ideal for those fun nights out.

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  1.  Pearl & Poseidon Clio Glossy Lace Top Hold Ups
  2.  Silky Soft Opaque Luxury Lace Top Hold Ups
  3.  Glamory Micro 60 Hold-Ups, Plus Size XL-4XL
  4.  Gipsy 50 Denier Velvet Luxury Opaque Hold Ups
  5.  Trasparenze Ilaria 50 Denier Opaque Hold Ups
  6.  Falke Pure Matt 50 Lace Top Stay Ups
  7.  Passion Laced Up Hold Ups
  8.  Trasparenze Lucrezia Lace Band Hold Ups
  9.  Giulia Flore Rose Patterned Hold Ups
  10.  Miss O Lace Top Shiny Hold Ups
  11.  Fiore Diamond Hold Ups
  12.  Passion Sparkle Hold Ups
  13.  Falke Secrecy Stay Ups
  14.  Velvet Light 40 Wolford Stay Ups
  15.  Miss Naughty Fishnet Hold Ups, Up To 3XL
  16.  Glamory Comfort Lace Top Hold Ups, Plus Sizes XL to 4XL, 20 denier
  17.  Falke Seidenglatt 15 Deep Lace Top Hold Ups
  18.  Glamory Allure 20 Hold Ups up to 4XL
  19.  Falke Dot Stay Up
  20.  Trasparenze Pennac Hold Ups
  21.  Passion Mock Garter Hold Ups
  22.  Satin Touch 20 Wolford Stay-Ups
  23.  Pamela Mann Entice Curvy Flocked Lace Hold Ups
  24.  Couture Ultra Gloss Lace Top Hold Ups
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