Gabriella Hosiery

Founded over 25 years ago, Gabriella is a hosiery brand recognised for its luxurious materials and unique hosiery designs through multiple industry awards including the Consumer’s Laurel in 2014.

The brand is known for its luxurious Erotica range which includes open crotch tights, back seamed pantyhose, sheer patterned stockings and strip-panty tights. As well as the Gabriella Erotica range, the brand also has a wide selection of fashion hosiery which includes patterned tights such as the space themed Cosmos pantyhose and fashion tights such as the Star sheer pantyhose.  

Gabriella hosiery erotica products make a great hosiery gift due to their gorgeous packaging. If you are looking to gift hosiery then we would recommend Gabriella tights such as the Carmen Open Crotch Tights or the Silvana Strip Panty Tights - you won’t be disappointed! 

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  1.  Gabriella Erotica Luxury Carmen Open Crotch Tights
  2.  Gabriella Miss 15 Shiny Pantyhose
  3.  Gabriella Cosmos Moon & Star Patterned Tights
  4.  Gabriella 60 Denier Tights Up to 5XL
  5.  Gabriella Stars Coloured Tights
  6.  Gabriella Miss 20 Shiny Pantyhose
  7.  Gabriella Exclusive 20 Shiny Pantyhose
  8.  Gabriella Erotica Luxury Opaque Strip Panty
  9.  Gabriella Erotica Fiera Seamed Open Crotch Tights
  10.  Gabriella Erotica Luxury Amira Open Crotch Tights
  11.  Gabriella Erotica Luxury Silvana Strip Panty Tights
  12.  Gabriella Exclusive 15 Shiny Pantyhose
  13.  Gabriella Exclusive 10 Shiny Pantyhose
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