Seamed Hold Ups

Channel your inner 1950s vintage pin up! Seamed hold ups are one of the most classic designs for any hosiery products. Although backseamed hosiery started out solely as stockings, as the hosiery world  developed and innovated different types of products that don't even require a seam - still the classic back seam look is popular in tights, stockings and hold ups too. Their retro look feels feminine, sensual and stylish. It's the perfect way to add vintage to the modern age in comfort, without having to worry about garter belts, clips or straps. We have also selected a few different styles from fishnet to sheer, ready for any occasion. For the perfect vintage pair we recommend Trasparenze Pennac Hold Ups. These gorgeous hold ups have a seam that runs along the back all the way to the heal and features a delicate floral lace top for a femme fatale look.

The Best Seamed Hold Ups

- For a classic flapper girl look go for a fringed dress, heels and tie your outfit up with fishnet seamed hold ups from Silky, an on-trend fashion look that mixes vintage style and modern fashion in perfect harmony. 

- Alternatively, for a work outfit that is sophisticated and classy, we recommend Gipsy Cuban heel seamed hold ups. pair them with a pencil skirt and blouse to show that you mean business.

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  1.  Passion Mock Garter Hold Ups
  2.  Gipsy Cuban Heel Seamed Hold Ups
  3.  Falke Party Affair Shiny Stay Ups
  4.  Trasparenze Pennac Hold Ups
  5.  Pearl And Poseidon Amara Oil Look Seamed Hold Ups
  6.  Scarlet Seamer Lace Top Hold Ups
  7.  Fiore Celia Lace Top Backseam Hold Ups
  8.  Silky Scarlet Back Seamed Lace Top Fishnet Stay Ups
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