Seamed Hold Ups

Channel your inner Burlesque showgirl with seamed hold ups for that 1950s vintage look. Seamed hold ups have been around for a long time and are one of the most classic designs for hosiery styles. Although they were originally designed solely as stockings, the hosiery world has continued innovating products and keeping up with the times by adding the classic back seam to hold ups. Seamed hold ups are the perfect way to add vintage to the modern age and not have to worry about garter belts, clips or straps. For the perfect vintage styled seamed hold ups we recommend Trasparenze Pennac Hold Ups, these gorgeous seamed hold ups have a seam that runs along the back all the way to the heal and features a delicate floral lace top for the ultimate burlesque look.

Seamed Hold Ups Are A Style Classic

We have a wonderful collection of back seamed hold ups at The Tight Spot. This classic design is as popular as ever, due to their retro look, which feels feminine, sensual and stylish. Furthermore, seamed hold ups come in different styles from fishnet to sheer seamed, we'll have what you're looking for - ready for any occasion. These seamed hold ups won't let you down; with a silicone band that stays in place when you put them one, without the use of a suspender belt. Additionally, for a style classic, we recommend Fiore Celia Lace Top Backseam Hold Ups, these seamed hold ups have a satin finish with a polished leg look. Alternatively, you can add the finishing touch to your dinner party outfit with vintage seamed hold ups, which are also great for a 1920s themed party or fancy dress. We have hold ups perfect for any body shape including plus size. 

How To Style Seamed Hold Ups

Fashion is all about representing and influencing the current popular style. It all starts with an idea of how to express who you are through clothing. Seamed hold ups is a perfect example of expressing the kind of person you are and what you’re into. If you want to style seamed hold ups but aren’t too sure on where to start – we have some ideas that may help you get started. For a classic flapper girl look go for a fringed dress, heels and tie your outfit up with fishnet seamed hold ups from Silky, an on-trend fashion look that mixes vintage style and modern fashion in perfect harmony. Alternatively, for a work outfit that is sophisticated and classy, we recommend Gipsy Cuban heel seamed hold ups, pair them with a pencil skirt and blouse to show that you mean business.

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  1. Dreamgirl Fishnet Lace Top Seamed Hold Ups
  2. Fiore-Lust-Animal-Print-Top-Hold-Ups-Linen
    Fiore Lust Animal Print Top Hold Ups
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  3. Trasparenze Pennac Hold Ups
  4. Fiore-Seduce-Backseam-Hold-Ups-Black
  5. Charnos Printed Backseam Sparkle Hold Ups
  6. Gipsy-Cuban-Heel-Seamed-Black
  7. fiore_celia_seamed_hold_ups
  8. Silky Scarlet Back Seamed Lace Top Fishnet Stay Ups
  9. Pamela Mann Plus Size Fishnet Seamed Lace Top Hold Ups
  10. Scarlet Seamer Lace Top Hold Ups
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