Platino Tights

Founded in 1927, Platino is one of the oldest hosiery brands in Europe, making it an experienced and established Spanish brand. Platino uses innovative technology to produce the laser cut waistband, micro silicon yarns and tights with an adjustable waistband. Their highly fashionable and ultra comfortable tights and hosiery accessories offer a better hosiery fit and look, which improves the customer experience.

Platino has been leading the way in hosiery advancements for many years and was the first to launch a pair of tights with an adjustable waistband – the Total Confort range. The innovative technical knitting element applied to the Platino Total Confort Sheer Tights allows the wearer to position the tights where they feel is most comfortable, whether that is on their waist line, hips or anywhere in between so that they feel confident and comfortable that the tights will stay in position all day and night.  You can wear these pantyhose at different heights depending on your own height or outfit choice to prevent painful digging in of the waistband that can occur with some tights. Platino have also solved other tights wearing concerns by introducing their Cleancut range.  These tights have a clean lazer cut off finish on the waist and therefore has no conventional waistband.

Plantino Cleancut Tights A Hosiery Masterpiece

One of the most popular Platino products is their shiny Cleancut tights. The micro-silicone coated fibres of these shiny tights create a lovely, glass-like shine on your legs. These brilliantly shiny tights are technologically advanced, using fine yarns that provide a sheer shiny look that won’t run or rip easily due to the strength of the silicon. The Platino Cleancut are laser cut at the waistband, ensuring that the pantyhose have the ultimate soft flat invisible waist, along with a sheer to waist finish. Both the laser cut and sheer to waist elements help the tights to sit smoothly, enabling you to wear fitted clothing like a bodycon dress without lumps or bumps showing from your tights. Available in plus size up to size XXL,with size CL featuring a back panel for extra durability and comfort, making these pantyhose more comfortable for curvy bodyshapes. 

Adjustable Waistband Tights from Platino

Another best selling pair of problem solving tights from Platino are the Platino Total Confort Sheer Tights.  These beautifully made sheer tights have an adjustable waistband so that you can wear them at any height around your waist and hips. Choose your own style of waistband so you are in complete control of your own comfort and can feel at ease whilst wearing these soft, supple tights. These sheer to waist pantyhose allow you to adjust the height of the deep waistband so you can position the tights on your hips, for 'hipster’ style, or higher up, for a 'high waist' look - depending on your outfit. The adjustable height element means that these tights won’t twist or dig into your stomach. These elegant sheer pantyhose from Platino are very comfortable and can be worn for work or an evening out.  The flat seams and close fitting waist make these tights ideal for wearing with a gorgeous slinky dress or anything in your wardrobe that is particularly clingy as they create a smooth outline under clothing.  With a reinforced toe and cotton gusset, the Platino Total Confort Sheer Tights are also available in plus size up to size XXL. Size XL has an added back panel in the brief so it offers a better fit for larger hips. Available in black or natural shades so you can wear these innovative tights with any coloured outfit, for any event.  Also available in 40 denier style which has double covered yarns, giving a delectably soft and smooth finish as well as making them robust to resist holes and runs were possible.

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