Silky Hosiery

Established in 1997, Silky hosiery offers a wide range from classic opaques to soft sheers. Well-known as a go-to everyday brand with varied hosiery styles all products are well-made and great value - you'll be surprised at the quality for the small price, the finish is superior to most other casual daywear hosiery brands. Customer favourites include Fresh & Cool Crotchless Tights, Super Shine Stockings and 70 Denier Opaque Hold Ups. We also recommend their range of fishnet pop socks, decorated with stylish pearls or silk bows.

Fishnet tights have always been a fashion hit and you'll find a fabulous collection here, including glitter fishnets. If you are looking for something different and fun, this brand is for you. 

Silky also have a range of hosiery for performing arts. Their shiny tights that are perfect for dancewear, we recommend the  Adult Dance Shimmer Footed Tights. These tights have all over, 40 denier coverage, which will make you feel confident and comfortable when performing on stage. Also, these dance tights feature a smooth non-elastic waistband and a sheer to waist brief so you don’t have to worry about hemlines showing when you’re wearing a leotard or costume. At a remarkable price, you can buy them in bulk!

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  1.  Silky Super Shine Sheer Tights
  2.  Silky Smooth Knit Stockings
  3.  Couture Perfectly Sheer 10 Denier Tights
  4.  Couture Alexandra Net Seamless Tights
  5.  Silky Super Shine Stockings
  6.  Silky Cushioned Lace Footlets
    Silky Cushioned Lace Footlets
    Special Price $2.42 Regular Price $6.14
  7.  Silky Naturals Ultra Sheer Tights
    Silky Naturals Ultra Sheer Tights
    Special Price $3.66 Regular Price $6.14
  8.  Silky Smooth Knit Tights Plus Size up to XXXL
  9.  Silky Adult Dance Shimmer Footed Tights
  10.  Silky Cindy Rose Net Body
  11.  Silky Scarlet Vine Fishnet Tights
  12.  Silky Ultra Gloss Tights
    Silky Ultra Gloss Tights
    Special Price $3.66 Regular Price $6.14
  13.  Silky Naturals Cool & Fresh Crotchless Tights
  14.  Silky Mock Lace Suspender Tights
    Silky Mock Lace Suspender Tights
    Special Price $4.90 Regular Price $8.63
  15.  Silky Super Shine Knee Highs
  16.  Silky Scarlet Fishnet Tights
  17.  Scarlet Seamer Stockings
  18.  Silky Sheer Firm Leg Compression Support Tights
    Silky Sheer Firm Leg Compression Support Tights
    Special Price $8.63 Regular Price $12.35
  19.  Silky Scarlet Back Seamed Lace Top Fishnet Stay Ups
  20.  Silky Everyday Leggings
  21.  Silky Adult Dance Shimmer Stirrup Tights
  22.  Couture Catherine Geometric Seamless Tights
  23.  Scarlet Plain Top Fishnet Stockings
  24.  Scarlet Seamer Lace Top Hold Ups
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