Quality and Long-Lasting hosiery by Wolford


Wolford's high quality materials

Wolford is the leading luxury hosiery brand and it's no surprise due to their commitment to using only the highest quality of materials in all of their pantyhose. From sheer shiny tights and thicker opaque tights to secure stay ups and carefully designed patterned tights, Wolford doesn't hold back on creating the utmost luxury hosiery no matter the style. 

Due to Wolford's unrivalled high-quality materials, this makes their hosiery range incredibly long-lasting. Wolford pantyhose are designed with perfect fit and stretch in mind to reduce the chances of snagging or ripping, creating a smooth and durable surface. The fit on Wolford tights also means you don't need to adjust your tights as much or keep pulling them up throughout the day, which limits the wear and tear or even damage to the hosiery over time. 

Wolford's materials are also carefully designed so that they wash well season after season, prolonging the wear whilst keeping them fresh for longer. To find out how to wash your Wolford tights, read our Wash and Care Guide.


If you're looking for a trusty pair of tights to get you through season to season, Wolford offer plenty of styles with varying deniers, designs and fit. Their ranges also have their own unique features including comfort waistbands, cotton gussets, invisibibly reinforced toes and comfortable waist support. Not to mention their completely seamless collection for a smooth, discreet and barely there look and feel.

To keep you warm in the cooler months, year after year, you'll love the Velvet De Luxe 50 Wolford Tights perfect for fall, winter and when you need extra coverage. These opaque tights feature a luxurious velvety matte finish combined with revolutionary double wrapped elastane yarns to provide the ideal fit and stretch. Comfort is key with the Wolford Velvet De Luxe tights, thanks to their soft-knitted waistband, cotton gusset and shadow toe.

A firm favourite for The Tight Spot customers is the Wolford Neon 40 Tights that have long-garnerned an oustanding reputation for long-lasting abilities. These tights provide a versatile, everyday look thanks to high gloss, semi sheer 40 denier finish combined with a comfortable cotton gusset and invisible toe.



Soft sewn-on waistband and cotton gusset

40 denier, semi-sheer finish

High-gloss, laminating effect look

Barely visible shadow toe reinforcement



Don't just take our word for it, check out what a few of our customers have said about the renowned Wolford Neon 40 Pantyhose.


Wolford Neon 40 Tights ReviewsWolford Neon 40 Tights Reviews


But is the quality of Wolford's worth the higher price tag?

You get way more for your money with Wolford's handy multipacks, allowing you to stock up and save! As mentioned above, Wolford's hosiery is the epitome of long-lasting luxury meaning you don't have to replace your tights as often and have your favourite pairs last from year to year. Investing in high-quality Wolford's is therefore much better value, as you can get more wear out of your tights and feel more comfortable in their fit all day long.

Wolford are well-known for their extremely high-quality hosiery thanks to unrivalled materials and long-lasting designs. Because of this, many people opt for money saving multipacks of their favourite Wolford styles, such as the Neon 40 3 for 2 deal and the Satin Touch 20 3 for 2 pack. 

Multi-packs are ideal for stocking up as we approach new seasons, keeping your workwear collection up to date and ensuring you have a trusty tights collection for everday use. They not only offer outstanding value but also let you grab your favourites in bulk so you never run out. 


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Wolford's Perfect Fit hosiery


If you're looking for the epitome of comfort in your hosiery, Wolford is the ultimate go-to! With over 70 years selling tights, stockings, stay ups and more, Wolford have evolved their range over the years to present perfect fit hosiery for all shapes and sizes. 

Wolford promote feel-good hosiery with a variety of attractive features on each design to suit their customers preferences. They have carefully developed their whole range with comfort in mind and refined their renowned styles to appeal to the latest fashion trends which don't compromise on comfort. 


What's your perfect size for Wolford hosiery?

Wolford use the best quality yarns to produce their hosiery range for maximum stretch, fit and comfort. This means Wolford sizing is very inclusive to all shapes and sizes, whether you are tall, petite or plus size! Wolford tights and leggings can occassionally run tall, therefore if you are on the petite side we recommend sizing down in Wolford tights or leggings due to their length. However, as mentioned by many Wolford customers, Wolford's mainly come true to size so you can choose your ideal size to suit you. 

If you are opting for stockings or hold ups, we recommend checking the Wolford sizing chart in our blog below where you can match your own size to Wolford's sizing, allowing you to pick up the perfect pair to suit your body shape. Here, you can also discover which size of bodysuit you need and if you are opting for bodystockings, which size will compliment your shape and build the best!

Find your perfect pair of Wolford's by reading our blog on Wolford Sizing



Comfort in mind

One of the most important element of tights for comfort is the waistband, to ensure they provide a secure yet flush fit. A recent upgrade to the popular Satin Touch 20 Comfort Tights saw Wolford evolve the waistband into a deep, soft waistband for extra comfort and a smoother, sleeker wear under clothing. Another firm favourite for everyday wear is the Perfectly 30 Wolford Tights, featuring a soft-knitted waistband for a descreet and smooth fit on the waist, keeping you feeling comfortable all day long. 


Seamless styles

For an effortless, barely there and discreet look, Wolford's seamless range is the perfect pick. Seamless Tights feature no gusset or seams throughout the hosiery as they are carefully designed with one piece, meaning they are smooth and fit perfectly under tight fitted clothing without showing hemlines or shadows.

For everday seamless tights, you'll love the Wolford Fatal 15 pantyhose available in nude and black. These tights offer a completely seamless fit with a classy matt finish, ideal for work, casual outfits and nights out. The Wolford Fatal 15 Tights are well known for their unbeleivable fit thanks to the double-wrapped elastane and the wide, soft waistband. 

To keep you warmer in the fall season, why not opt for the Wolford Fatal 50 option, providing a thicker denier for added warmth and coverage. 


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