To celebrate our 'Week of Wolford' we were thrilled to hear from the wonderful Wolford designers who have been the backbone behind Wolford's truly amazing hosiery collections. In our blog, we find out more about the talented Wolford creative team who design Wolford's hosiery range, gain insight into what influenced and inspired their stunning Autumn / Winter hosiery collection and what fashion trends they are most looking forward to in the new Spring / Summer season.

Whilst chatting to the Wolford designers, we also found out more about Wolford's commitment to sustainability and the certain processes they have implemented for the brand to become more enironmentally friendly. The Tight Spot team also asked what the design team's favourite celebrity look in Wolford is to date and more exciting questions that we know all of our Wolford hosiery lovers would love to know!

All of our Q&A was answered by the lovely Wolford designers, which comprises of a whole product team composed by very talented and creative people, who always prioritise the brand's heritage, reputation and overall image.


What are Wolford designers main goals for creating the Wolford collection?

Our daily goal is to meet our final customer expectations by creating designs that refer to Wolford’s history and that compliment and empower women. Every season, our design team make sure to stay updated with the new fashion trends and demands, but never diverging from Wolford's lifetime DNA, which is primarily about quality, long lasting and uniquely recognisable products.


What influenced and inspired the designs for the new Wolford AW22 hosiery collection?

Women are always the main inspiration behind Wolford's collection. In particular, the AW 2022 and 2023 tights collection is focused on the 80s and 90s, where the concept of strength and femininity grew. This seasons tights and pantyhose wardrobe is complete with elegance and seduction; it embraces the brand’s style with a more contemporary approach both in design and materials.


Wolford Floral Mock Suspender TightsWolford Floral Mock Suspender Tights
Wolford Stardust Glitter TightsWolford Stardust Glitter Tights
Wolford Satin De Luxe JumpsuitWolford Satin De Luxe Jumpsuit
Wolford Cotton TightsWolford Cotton Tights

What trends are Wolford designers most looking forward to seeing in SS23?

For sure it's what's now widely recognised as "Sport Smart". Customers are increasingly looking for elements beyond design, where the main focus is comfort and functionality. This is very intriguing to Wolford because our The W tights collection plays a major role in the athleisure sector. Wolford hosiery, in fact, are suitable to be worn both as active and day wear, they basically follow the rhythm of your lifestyle.


Can you tell us a bit about Wolford's commitment to sustainable hosiery?

Sustainability is certainly at the heart of Wolford's collection. The brand is committed to giving back to the people and the planet through eco friendly processes. Our strategy doesn’t just meet the highest environmental standards in production processes, but also in terms of materials. The main 4 pillars of our latest Wolford tights collection include:

1-        Long lasting products to encourage less waste
2-        Gold Certificate Cradle to Cradle pieces
3-        Econyl, a recycled yarn present in many garments such as Net Tights
4-        Designs with BlueSign certificate


Wolford Monogram Flower Net LeggingsWolford Monogram Flower Net Leggings
Wolford Aurora 15 TightsWolford Aurora 15 Tights
Wolford Romance Net CatsuitWolford Romance Net Catsuit
Wolford Crochet Net TightsWolford Crochet Net Tights


What is Wolford designers favourite hosiery piece and how would you style it?

The Wolford Fatal tights are highly favoured by the Wolford design team! Besides being one of the most favoured styles amongst celebrities worldwide, their combination of elastane and opaque seamless makes the perfect fit, which perfectly translates into Wolford’s unforgettable touch.


What's been your all time favourite Wolford celebrity look?

We are proud that many celebrities come to Wolford for their hosiery, which makes it difficult to choose just one! But this year we had the privilege of being part of Beyonce’s new album look: considered one of the biggest celebrities of our time and looking better than ever in Wolford’s tights and stay-ups.



Why do you think customers keep coming back to Wolford?

Wolford has been a constant tights brand in women's skinwear since 1950. It is traditional while innovative! It meets customer’s expectations by focusing on quality rather than quantity and it can we worn by women (and not only) across all generations.


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