We've gathered together some frequently asked questions that will hopefully be helpful. If you can't find what you're looking for here - please contact us and we'll be happy to help. We've grouped the questions to help you find an answer as quickly as possible!

Website and Checkout Questions

Where do you ship to?

The Tight Spot ships globally with a few exclusions that we cannot deliver to for service reasons. Shipping is £1.95 or Free for orders over £20. See our delivery and returns policy here.

How do I use a promo code?

If you have a discount or promotional code to use, you can enter this in the cart page. Add your required items to the cart and locate the box above the subtotal titled “Have an offer code?”. Type in the code and click “Apply”. If the code is successful a green bar will show at the top of the cart and the discount value will show below the subtotal.

how to use a voucher code

If the code is not successful, a red bar will show at the top of the cart (see below). Double check that the code has been entered correctly and the code applies to the products you wish to purchase. If this is correct and it’s still not working, it may be because the code is no longer valid, however you can contact us to check. 

voucher code error example 

Is the packaging discreet?

We pack all our orders in plain packaging, which is non-descript and discreet. There is a customs label on the parcel that states the contents as “Apparel” only.

Why do you collect my email address at checkout?

We require an email address to send you a copy of your order and invoice. We also notify you when the order is shipped via this email. Unless you tick the box to sign up to our newsletter, this is all that the email address is used for. You can read our complete privacy policy here.

If you do opt in to our newsletter, we send out discounts, new product information and styling tips weekly. We offer this to customers if they would like to keep up to date with all the latest hosiery knowledge and to be made aware of money saving offers. You can unsubscribe at any time, read our privacy policy here

Are my payment details safe?

We strictly adhere to all security measures to ensure that your details are safe. We do not store any payment details in our systems and all transactional information is handled by recognised, secure payment system providers such as paypal and sagepay.

General Product, Sizing and Industry Questions

What size of tights should I choose?

It’s important to choose the right size tights because wearing the wrong size can hugely impact your comfort, the durability of the item and how you feel when wearing your tights.

Our size charts show the information provided by the manufacturer – bare in mind that each brand may follow different sizing. 

When choosing a size remember that tights are a stretchy item, so you need to consider both your height and width measurements. For example, someone who is tall and slim and another person who is shorter and heavier may wear the same size due to the overall stretch required. If in doubt or between sizes we would always suggest going up a size as this allows more flexibility.

Tights that are too big can mean sagging at the ankles, knees or crotch. Not only is this uncomfortable it also means you will likely be fiddling with the tights frequently, which is irritating for you and means the product is susceptible to rips or tears due to the extra handling. 

Tights that are the correct size should sit on the waist without digging in, stay put around the hips and crotch without sagging or dropping down and stay flush at your ankles and knees.

Tights that are too small may pinch at the waist and cause friction around the thighs and hips, which is very uncomfortable and can cause painful marks on the skin.

Short tights tend to drop at the crotch or can be uncomfortable on the toes as the additional height will increase the stretch and pull on the ends of your toes.

Therefore, it’s important to your overall comfort and confidence that you choose the correct size.

We test and check all our products for sizing regularly to make sure we can pass on the most accurate sizing information so that you can choose the correct size first time and enjoy wearing your product as much as possible. In fact, if tights fit properly, you should be able forget you are wearing them altogether and enjoy the experience of your day in comfort and style.

What is my dress size in USA sizing?

Many of our size charts benefit from international size conversions, however generally the UK dress size is the same dress size as two numbers higher in the USA dress size. i.e a US 8 is a UK 10, and so on.

Do you stock, or would you consider stocking this item?

If we don’t stock a brand or item that you are looking for, please let us know and we will be sure to look into it. If the item you want is out of stock, you can use our “Back In Stock” feature by entering your email so you receive a notification when that product returns. This is beneficial, as it means you will have first access to the new stock of that size or colour.

What are the best tights for men?

We have a loyal, male customer base and have put together the products that are most popular in our “Mens Tights” category. Most of these styles benefit from larger and taller sizing as well as durable, soft materials that male customers are often interested in. If you have any specific concerns, please contact our customer service team who have helped many other male customers in choosing the right style, size and colour, like Paul and Charles below, who shared their experiences through our review channel.

Mens Tights Review

Charles Mens Tights Review

What’s the benefit of wearing tights?

People wear tights for many reasons. A major benefit of wearing tights is for warmth.  Thick, wool or high denier tights offer a cosy warmth to your legs and mean you can wear skirts, dresses or shorts whatever the weather without feeling a chill. The thin, stretchy composition of tights means that not only are tights great at keeping you warm, they are also easy to wear and versatile. In very cold conditions, such as for those who work outside at night or in snowy conditions, you can even wear tights under trousers for an added layer of warmth.

Some choose to wear tights for health benefits. For example, compression hosiery is used for treating conditions that develop from poor blood circulation such as varicose veins or lymphoedema. Doctors will prescribe medical grade compression stockings, however we have a range of light to firm compression tights that can help improve blood circulation to revitalise legs and combat swelling. Compression tights apply gradient pressure to the legs from the ankle up and this pressure encourages blood to flow so your legs stay energised and keep you happy and comfortable on days when you need a boost. 

Another benefit to wearing tights, especially sheer tights, is to disguise skin imperfections you may wish to minimise or hide. Sheer, skin coloured tights allow you to be confident in your bare leg look as they can help you achieve an even skin tone and a natural, healthy glow to your skin. Sheer, natural tone tights come in many styles to help achieve the illusion of bare legs. From sheer to waist, which means no reinforcement around the brief so you can wear a short shirt or dress without worrying about showing any technical parts of the tights, to open toe so your toes are bare to been seen in peep toe shoes. 

Often the work place or a formal occasion my require you to wear tights. In this instance, it is very important that you choose tights that are the correct fit, colour and style for your body shape and any activity you will be undertaking. Check the size charts on each product carefully and consider your height and width stretch when picking the size. For more information about how to pick the correct size tights, see here.

If you are at a special event wearing a fancy outfit, you may want to consider shaping hosiery, which will give you a smooth, svelte shape to create the best foundations for you to look and feel your best. Slimming tights have the benefit of leg coverage with added panels around the tummy, bum, hips or thighs to trim, lift or shape these areas, giving a smooth outline to your body shape. Some clothing materials are not kind to the natural curves of our body, so shaping hosiery can help the fabric skim our shape rather than cling uncomfortably.

Fashion tights are a great accessory as they allow you to reinvent your outfit or wardrobe with minimal input or spend. Picking a pair of tights in this season’s hottest colour is much easier than replacing half of your clothes, plus it’s much cheaper. Our range of fashion tights has been carefully selected to reflect easy to wear designs that will boost your wardrobe and outfit choices so you can look and feel fresh, fashionable and on trend without worrying about how to style these new looks. Our hosiery specialists constantly monitor catwalk shows, new releases and fashion press to make sure we are offering the most desired styles.

Others wear tights for the slinky feeling they give to legs. This can achieve a thrilling sensation for date night!

What is the hosiery industry doing to be more eco-friendly?

We are all more conscious about how our lives are impacting the environment these days as we try to minimise and reverse damage that has been done to our precious Planet.

The hosiery industry is no different, with many brands exploring ways to reduce waste, clean up their manufacturing process and offer a product that is kinder to the world we live in, without reducing our enjoyment of tights and hosiery. For example, Pamela Mann were first to release tights crafted from 88% recycled material. Their favourite 50 denier and 80 denier opaque tights have been created to the same specification but now using specialist Nilit recycled yarns (link), which reduces waste and limits energy consumption and emissions that would occur during the manufacturing process. This means you can shop and wear tights knowing that your products have been produced with minimal impact on the environment. These hardwearing tights are made to last so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are investing in a product that is helping the natural world whilst still reaping the benefits of these soft, comfortable opaque tights.

Other brands are also releasing recycled or biodegradable products as the industry aims to become more green. It is estimated that only 1% of clothing is ultimately recycled and £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year and there are other choices you can make when purchasing hosiery to help reduce the environmental impact. For example, investing in a higher quality pair of tights might seem expensive initially but if this product is to last season after season, you are reducing waste and saving money on products that you would usually replace after only a few wears.

Finally, looking after your hosiery properly will help your tights, stockings and hold ups to last longer. Read about how to care for your hosiery in our guide here.