With the change of season and weather comes the much-needed change of clothes. For the colder days ahead, the best way to add a pop of color and style to your outfit is patterned tights. Women's patterned tights are considered to be the most versatile legwear and there is a good reason why that is. Besides their extremely needed and practical use, patterned tights come as an accessory to an outfit. They can be so appealing and interesting that can give the outfit a whole other vibe and look. 

What makes women’s patterned tights stand out from the monochromatic ones for example is that they are more visual. They can add an unexpected dose of glamour and sexiness to the outfit and become the statement piece of the entire look. Easy to put on and off, tights have been a part of women's wear for a long time. Polka dots, fishnets, animal print – these are just some of the most demanded patterns that are women's favourite. 

The latest trends put the focus on patterned tights as the go-to choice for every modern and contemporary woman. Just in time for the winter, patterned tights are more than enough to transform your winter outfits. 

What different designs of patterned tights can you wear?


As mentioned above, the tights market today offers a lot of various and different designs of patterned tights. Due to the constantly changing fashion trends and the increased demand for different styles and patterns, there is always something new and fresh on the patterned tights scene. As a brand that specialises particularly in the tights area, our offer is quite varied and colourful.

Here are some of the most interesting and eye-catching designs of patterned tights that you can wear and find at The Tight Spot. 


Polka dot tights

One of the biggest trends of the last few years regarding patterned tights is the polka dot tights. As a print, the polka dots are considered a classic one. This is a print that is closely connected to the French girl's style and carries a huge dose of fashionability and femininity. As a patterned tights print, polka dot tights deliver quite a unique and extraordinary look. What makes them even more interesting are the different sizes the polka dot pattern can be found, which can easily shift a look from more subtle to more dramatic. 

Pretty Polly Biodegradable Spot Tights

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Oroblu Glitter Dot Tights

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Amour Lolita Spot Crotchless Tights

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Fiore Marion Dot Stockings

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Floral tights

Another pretty cool and interesting tight pattern is the florals. The floral pattern has always been regarded as the ultimate female one. The florals resemble the delicacy and the softness of a woman, which serves as an inspiration for the tight pattern and the different designs. The difference in the choice of florals, in combination with colour and the denier of the tights, delivers extraordinary fashionable floral tights. 

Oroblu I Love Italy Firenze Floral Tights

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Wolford Floral Mock Suspender Tights

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Trasparenze Platino Tights

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Oroblu I Love Italy Roma Black Tights

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Animal print tights

For those who are looking for something one-of-a-kind and unique, animal print tights are the choice to go with. In the fashion world, animal print is one of the most popular prints, which is constantly in demand. From snakeskin to zebra and leopard print, these animal prints make the perfect addition to the fashion tights for this winter. With such a unique print, the legs and the outfit will be the ones telling the story. 

Trasparenze fashion tightsTrasparenze fashion tights

Trasparenze Lives Leopard Print Tights

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Fiore Tigris Patterned Tights

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Wolford Tights Leo

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Fiore Tigris Patterned Tights

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Fishnet tights

Fishnet tights are the sexiest, most dramatic, and most attractive option when choosing fashion tights. Since it is not a print, but more a texture of the tights, the fishnet is the option that many women adore because of its simplicity that delivers an extraordinary fashionable vibe. Fishnet tights are an option that is a no-miss. As for the designs and the fishnet itself, there are so many different options, each unique in the density of the net. 

Trasparenze Mauve Net Tights

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Marilyn Fishnet Crotchless Tights

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Wolford tightsWolford tights

Wolford Butterfly Net Tights

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Trasparenze Silene Fishnet Strip Panty

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Diamond tights

Diamond tights are the print and option which is considered to be autumn/winter inspired, every woman has at least one pair of diamond tights in her tights wardrobe. The diamond print is particularly interesting since it can provide an elongating effect on the legs. Also, the diamond print sizes are so different and varied. From small and discreet diamond details to big and eye-catching prints, the diamond tights are both elegant, and fashionable and an option that can work great for both day and night outfits and styles. 

Giulia Insomnia 20 Diamond Tights

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Trasparenze Marjoram Diamond Tights

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Marilyn Grace Diamond Tights

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Fiore Oxford Diamond Tights

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Choosing the right denier of patterned tights for winter


Although the pattern in the tights plays a great role in how the tights will look and reflect on the entire outfit, one other very important part of the tights fashion is the denier. Choosing the right type of denier is essential in achieving the desired look and making the pattern stand out. 


12 to 30 denier patterned tights

Patterned tights that come in deniers ranging from 12 to 30 are considered to be thinner than higher denier tights. Lower denier tights therefore have the ability to show off your natural skin tone whilst providing a flawless airbrushed look, ideal for wearing with your winter outfits where you want less coverage on your legs. Such tights have an almost sheer finish, which makes them completely suitable for styling in evening clothes. They are also great when you are not looking for warmth, but more as support. The best patterns that flatter this denier and will make the pattern visibly stand out are the polka dots and the diamond designs. 

40 to 60 denier patterned tights

These are the type of patterned tights that are thicker than the previous category. As such, they provide more coverage to the leg and also more warmth. What makes them a great choice is that they are the perfect option for showing off the colours and patterns of the tights. Moreover, they are super cozy and just the right fit for the colder weather. 

60 to 80 denier patterned tights

The last category is the one that offers the thickest, coziest tights with the highest coverage and warmth. This is an option that is great for the wintertime. It is important to note that due to the thickness of the tights, the pattern here might be almost invisible. These tights are a great choice to style with casual, neutral, or staple outfits. 

Trasparenze tightsTrasparenze tights

Trasparenze Origan 20 Denier Tights

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Trasparenze Linden 40 Denier Tights

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Falke Floating 60 Denier Tights

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Trasparenze Platino 80 Denier Tights

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How to pair patterned tights with multiple outfits?


Patterned tights carry a special dose of fashionability and they are the perfect option to dress up an outfit. During the winter season, they are the accessory that elevates the look and provides unexpected glam and style. Here are some styling suggestions on how to pair the patterned tights with multiple outfits throughout the winter season. 


Dress down patterned tights



Depending on where you wear, the dress code and policy for office wear, it is best to go with more subtle designs and patterns. A small fishnet or discreet diamond print is just enough to add glam to your look without going overboard for the pencil skirt and blazer office look. 


Casual outfits

Casual outfits today allow playing with a variety of choices. The best way to dress down patterned tights is to style them with sneakers or flats, which will look cute and stylish. Also, ankle boots are a cool option for a patterned tight casual outfit. 


Running errands

Running errands requires comfort and practicality in the outfit. Patterned tights for this purpose can look great and suitable while styled with a denim skirt or dress, monochromatic A-line dress, oversized shirtdress, etc. 

Dress up patterned tights


Party wear

When it comes to partying, everything is allowed. If you are looking on dressing up your outfit, choose bold patterns that catch your eyes as you move. The short mini dress, the mini skirt and cropped top, and the leather shorts will look amazing with some fishnet, polka dots, or floral print tights. 


Date night

A simple outfit for a date night can easily be elevated with the addition of appealing patterned tights. Big fishnet, shimmery diamond print, and classic polka dots are something that you cannot go wrong with. 


Occasion wear

Certain events and occasions require dressing up, and the power of the patterned tights can come into full light on such occasions. An elegant midi skirt, a straight dress, or a high-slit shirt dress will be completed with tights coming in an animal print, fishnet, or floral print. 

Patterned tights round up


Patterned tights carry an inexplicable fashionability and style when it comes to creating and completing a look. Not only they are an important piece of winter wear, patterned tights put an accent on the fashion. With the different designs, pattern tights can easily become a signature style piece and create versatile and contemporary outfits. If patterned tights are your thing or if you are willing to explore some new designs, head to The Tight Spot and stock up on some of the most interesting, colourful, and stylish patterned tights.