Plus Size Hold Ups

Plus Size Hold Ups for Ample Thighs That Stay Up

Plus size hold ups can be hard to find and those that you do find either don't stay up or they don't fit properly. Here at The Tight Spot, we’ve hand-picked a selection of plus size hold ups that we know you'll love. Moreover, these plus size thigh high stay ups have been styled for comfort and a flattering wear, featuring a silicone band to stay fixed comfortably around your thighs, without the use of a garter belt, from morning to night. With beautiful lace tops including extra thigh width, comfortable but wide, strong silicon bands and proper shaping to give a smooth, flush finish. Plus size hold ups are favoured by those who want to achieve the sultry look of suspender belts and stockings but without the need for a garter belt, clips and fastenings. Additionally, they are also popular amongst those who enjoy the coverage hosiery offers without the closed in brief and gusset that comes with full tights - especially in warmer weather. From plus size lace top thigh highs to sheer hold-ups, all available in sizes between XL and 4XL. Our hand-picked selection of plus size hold ups are perfect for any occasion - from a formal summer party to a winter, raunchy night in!

How To Style Plus Size Hold Ups Up To 4XL

All women should be allowed to feel sophisticated, glamorous and feminine no matter their size. Here you'll find gorgeous plus size hold ups that can fit your thighs perfectly without feeling like your circulation has been cut off. Furthermore, we have different styles of plus size hold ups to fit any style or mood. If you're not sure on how to style plus size hold ups, then you've come to the right place. For a sophisticated look for a special event, we recommend Lida Lace Top XXL Hold Ups, pair these plus size hold ups with a black dress or skirt with a blouse and you'll be feeling super glamorous. Moreover, for a more casual everyday look we recommend Pamela Mann Plus Size 80 Denier Opaque Hold Ups, they're a great substitute for tights and warm enough for winter. Pair these plus size hold ups with shorts or a black skirt and long sleeved shirt. Get ready to feel confident in our plus size hold ups.

Plus Size Fishnet Hold Ups

Have you ever wanted to rock fishnet hold ups but didn’t feel confident enough? Well if you’re ready to take a step forward into the fashion world, we’re here to help. We’ve selected fishnet plus size hold ups that will look great on anyone, no matter your size. We've chosen fishnet plus size hold ups from plus size hosiery guru’s Glamory and Pamela Mann. We recommend Pamela Mann’s Plus Size Fishnet Seamed Lace Top Hold Ups for a traditional net finish or try an on-trend high fashion look with a wider fishnet from Glamory’s Mesh Net Lace Top Hold Ups, available up to 4XL; become a fashion queen and pair these plus size hold ups with a high waisted leather skirt and feminine blouse. Fishnets are great all year round offering interest and coverage to summer dresses and a bit of coverage when the weather turns grey. On the wet streets of London, plus size opaque hold ups uk weather proofing can sometimes be needed!

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  1. Glamory Micro 60 Denier Plus Size Hold Ups
  2. Glamory Vital 70 Support Stay Ups
    Glamory Vital 70 Support Hold Ups
    Special Price £12.95 Regular Price £16.95
  3. Lida-Fishnet-Hold-Ups
  4. shiny hold ups from miss O with lace top
  5. Cecilia-de-Rafael-Sevilla-Super-Shiny-Hold-Ups-Natural
  6. Trasparenze Grandilla Plain Top Hold Ups
  7. Silky Super Shine Lace Top Sheer Hold Ups
  8. Glamory Comfort Lace Top Hold Ups
  9. Miss-Naughty-Crotchless-Over-The-Knee-Tights
  10. Levante Fantasy Sheer Hold Ups
  11. Glamory Mesh Net Lace Top Hold Ups, Plus Sizes XL - 4XL
    Glamory Mesh Net Lace Top Hold Ups, Plus Sizes XL - 4XL
    Special Price £13.95 Regular Price £17.95
  12. pamela-mann-lace-top-hold-ups
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