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Wolford is already incredibly well-known worldwide for it's high quality hosiery, from their staple tights and sexy stay ups to their fugure-hugging bodywear and fashion face masks. This leading luxury hosiery brand has always been a top pick for world-famous celebrities and style icons, showing no signs of slowing down with today's biggest stars constantly seen wearing this luxury, high-fashion brand. A few celebs that love Wolford are Beyonce, Ariana Grande and Kendal Jenner!


Discover favourite celebs in Wolford shiny sheer tights and in high-fashion pantyhose!



Dare to be bold with a Beyonce inspired look with Wolford's striking patterned tights, such as the Wolford Rose Patterned Tights. Or add a pop of colour to your next high-fashion look with colourful patterned tights. High fashion, celebrity looks can also be acheived with the brand-new Wolford Cotton Diamond Tights which are new in for AW22 or the Wolford Stardust Glitter Tights for a glitzy look throughout the festive season! 


To achieve a more subtle look to elongate your legs with a killer outfit, opt for Wolford's renowned range of sheer tights worn by famous celebrities worldwide. A firm favourite in Wolford's sheer tights range is the Neon 40 Tights, available in 6 diffferent shades of nude and black to suit a variety of preferences. These shiny sheer tights have a glamourous look combined with a discreetly laminating effect, making the skin appear smooth and giving the leg a perfect appearance. For added shine and glossy finish, check out Wolford's Pure Shimmer 40 Denier Tights which are well known for their concealing effect abilities for a flawless, airbrushed look all day long. 


Pair your black or nude tights with a statement dress to elongate your legs like Anne Hathaway and Dua Lipa or opt for patterned pantyhose for a showstopping look that lets your legs do the talking, inspired by Beyonce's iconic shoot!


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Over 70 Years of Wolford History


Founded back in 1950, Wolford is an Austrian made hosiery brand that has taken the hosiery world by storm! Now a market leader in the industry, Wolford's luxury tights and pantyhose range is renowned worldwide due to it's outstanding quality, evolving product range and long-lasting abilities. With nylon only being invented 20 years before Wolford's launch, this luxury brand were quick to the mark in creating innovative and evolving hosiery.

Wolford's success is predominantly based on round-knitting technology which Wolford originally developed and continue to refine. These special yarns create the epitome of comfort and quality which contribute to Wolford's overall success and exsquisite brand reputation.

In their 70 years and beyond of producing luxury hosiery, Wolford have put product innovation to the forefront of everything they do. In 1977, Wolford created the first trasparent shaping tights with a refining brief section and support in the leg area and in 1992, they produced the first seamless bodysuit. Not to mention their impressive innovation of the first seamless tights in 1994! The Fatal seamless tights have been a hit ever since their launch nearly 30 years ago thanks to their completely seamless, all over luxury matte look and barely there waistband. Since then, Wolford have introduced Fatal 15 Seamless Tights, Fatal 50 Seamless Tights, Fatal 80 Seamless Stay Ups and their Wolford Fatal Seamless Dress.

In more recent years, Wolford have continued to evolve their collection and introduce even more new hosiery with unique features and designs. In 2011, the brand welcomed their shape and control range, designed to provide a body shaping purpose to showcase all body stypes and support feminitity. To this day, the brand still promote comfortability and confidence in their shapewear with a firm favourite in their range being the Wolford Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights. As their name suggests, these tights have a luxurious matte velvet finish with a special circular knit materal knitted heel for comfort and a smooth waistband for a discreet and flush fit. The Velvet 66 Support Tights are opaque with a breathable coverage, ideal for wearing all year round and are extremely durable thanks to the special plating technique used in production.

A few years later, the luxury brand announced the launch of their two 'Pure' styles, designed specifically with glued invisible seams and a smooth silky finish. The first was the Pure 50 Tights, launched in 2014 with the Pure 10 style launching just one year later in 2015. Wolford Pure 50 Tights are 50 denier tights with a soft matt finish and luxury fibres to ensure a slim fit, maximum comfort and a super soft touch! Similar to the Pure 50 tights, the Wolford Pure 10 feature the same unrivalled material and smooth bonded seams, yet offer a second-skin barely there look thanks to their durable yet subtle 10 denier design. 

Year after year, Wolford continues to deliver on the utmost luxury and impressive quality in all of their feature-packed hosiery collections, taking pride in their unique yet classic styles which are a firm favourite with all hosiery lovers. 


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