Whether you want to thank Madonna, Vivienne Westwood, or the fashion Gods themselves, it’s undeniable how Fishnet Tights have evolved both the world of fashion and society's perception of aesthetics altogether. Unlike your traditional mesh nylons that provide a closely woven knit, Fishnet Tights tend to offer a more open design with larger, typically diamond-shaped holes. Whether deemed alternative, risqué, or flat out inappropriate, we’ve all been able to agree on one thing: 

Fishnet Tights are anything but boring! In an authentic fashion climate like today that highlights inspiration from 70’s funk, to underground grunge, all the way to Paris Hilton glam, it’s no wonder that Fishnet Tights are being dragged back into the spotlight. Yet, despite being a timeless gem, newer, more expressive fashion trends are finding creative and innovative ways to incorporate Fishnet Tights into modern favorites. Without further ado, here are 10 tips to help you style Fishnet Tights in 2022!


1.) Find Unique Patterned Fishnet Tights


Gone are the days of mundane undergarments, if modern fashion trends have proven anything it's that self-expression and authentic detail are the way to go. While traditional Fishnet Tights will always have a place in our hearts, experimenting with fishnet patterns is an easy way to spice up your wardrobe and provide intricate yet subtle features to your outfit without breaking the bank! The Wolford tights that we offer are a great model for this concept, as this collection ranges from subtle rose designs to intricate geometric patterns like the Wolford Fleur Fishnet Tights

2.) Layer Tights Underneath Fishnet Tights

Having been historically deemed as obnoxious, it’s a common concern for many that incorporating Fishnet Tights into an outfit will result in either the outfit being outshone by the Fishnet Tights as a feature or that the presence of Fishnet Tights will compromise the classy or casual nature of the outfit as a whole. One trend that seems to be a rising quick fix to this obstacle is actually layering the fishnet tights over your standard pair of sheer nylons in a complimentary color. 


3.) Micro Fishnet Tights for Subtle Looks

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Amazing for minimalist looks, micro Fishnet Tights are the perfect mix between an edgy fishnet and your traditional stocking. Contrary to your common fishnet pantyhose, micro Fishnet Tights provide much smaller holes-making for a much more put-together, sheer finish. With such diversity and wearability, it’s to no surprise that micro Fishnet Tights are quickly becoming a fashion fan favourite. We love these elegant fishnet tights from Trasparenze.


4.) Experiment With Coloured Fishnet Tights


Living in the age of self-expression means not only appreciating authentic design but also creative choice in colour! Coloured Tights, Vibrant stockings, Fishnet Tights, and socks are being seen more and more frequently both on runways and your everyday outfit. This funky 70’s inspired fashion choice is a great way to add character and imagination to any lackluster attire. Our colorful Wolford tights in Rose pattern are a great example of chic design meeting spontaneous color.

5.) Distressed Fishnet Tights


From popular music to trending fashion, it’s no secret that society is embracing the quirky allure of alternative aesthetics. Whether headed to a rock show or adding some last-minute spice to your ensemble, adding a few strategically placed cuts and holes to your fishnet tights can go a long way! 

A great rule of thumb: Carefully plan distressed placements; bigger holes should remain further in distance from others as to not compromise wearability. 


6.) Turn Them Into Sleeves

If the thought of distressing your beloved Fishnet Tights wasn’t too much to bear, you might be just the fashion warrior for the trending DIY fishnet sleeves! Also heavily inspired by rock & roll fashion and the alternative community, TikTok gurus have taken a liking to the easy process of turning their Fishnet Tights into under tops and sleeves. By simply cutting a hole in the crotch area (or opting for crotchless tights) along with cutting off the ends of the Fishnet Tights, you can transform your favorite undergarment into your favorite under-top!


7.) Layer Underneath distressed denim 

Distressed denim isn’t new to the game, but layering them over a nice pair of Fishnet Tights is just the way to breathe new life into a classic go-to option. Considering the relaxed and casual appeal of distressed jeans, layering them over fishnet tights of a complimentary design or color certainly offer a more intricate, elevated appeal. 


8.) High Waisted Fishnet Tights As Midriff Accessory 

While Fishnet Tights underneath distressed pants are an awesome way to accessorize your lower half, Fishnet Tights layered underneath your everyday jean option can be just as useful in accentuating your midriff! By finding a pair of Fishnet Tights high-waisted enough to surpass the waist of your chosen pants, you can add a unique feature to a typically overlooked area.

That being said, this trick is particularly useful when paired with shorter or cropped tops along with regular to low-waisted bottoms; crotchless tights may compromise high-rise ability.


9.) Fishnet Tights With Shorts

First tokened in the 90s, the dynamic duo of Fishnet Tights and shorts was never out of style, however, has reached another spike in popularity thanks to the current craze surrounding 90’s and Y2K fashion trends. The world of fashion in 2022 is anything but shameful, and the spontaneous pair of shorts and fishnet tights is an amazing way to strut your confidence and show off those dazzling legs of yours! 


10.) Fishnet Tights Paired With Longer Skirts 

An unlikely pair. Fishnet Tights and long skirts, this trend is a great way to play on the element of surprise by adding dimension and edge to garments and body parts that would otherwise go unnoticed. Such a combination is not only fun and appealing to the eye, but also opens a new door to the styling and diversity of maxi and midi skirts as a whole. 


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