What Size Tights?


What Size Tights Should You Choose?

At The Tight Spot, we have over 2,000 styles of hosiery across 25 best selling hosiery brands.  Each brand varies slightly in their sizing guides so always check our ‘Size Guide’ button on each product page to ensure you get the best fit of tights according to your height, weight and hip measurements.

Most brands of tights (also known as pantyhose in the USA) will be in sizes small, medium and large and some include extra small and extra large in their range. 

Here at The Tight Spot we've made a strong commitment from the word go to ensure that our collections of fabulous tights are available and accessible to women of all sizes. Therefore, our plus size collection delivers high fashion tightsstockings and hold ups in sizes from XL, XXL, XXXL right up to 10XL

The reason for differing sizing between brands is that they use different yarns from different sources with different characteristics to be applicable to the style of pantyhose they want to create. The brands may also use different machinery and knit fabric constructions.  To make sure your hosiery lasts, try and pick the right size first time as hosiery that is too tight is more likely to be damaged over time than properly fitting hosiery.  The right size also maximises your comfort and flexibility.

You can always refer to the sizing charts used by each brand, which is usually also on the back of their packaging and in our ‘What Size?’ button on each product page.  However, each brand has their own unique way of designing and creating tights for different styles and sizes, so some may run smaller or larger than other brands – traditionally the french and Italian brands run smaller than others.  There is no unified international sizing system, so you are likely to be different sizes in different brands, therefore make sure you check the size chart carefully. Remember to consider both height and weight or hips, as due to the stretch nature of tights, normal sizing metrics my differ.


How to properly measure your hips and height for tights:

Stand with your feet together and measure the circumference around the hips at the largest part below the waist. 

Stand on a flat surface and measure your height from the top of your head to the floor.

What to do if you are between tights sizes?

If you are at the upper end of a size, it is best to choose the next size up.  Bear in mind that with Shiny tights you will want to be able to get enough stretch in your size so that the lycra creates a high shine.  If you are tall and want Over The Knee tights or Leggings, you may require the next size up to ensure that the over the knee element is high enough on your thigh and that the leggings length will be suitable for you.  Similarly, if you are petite then go for the small or extra small options for the best leg fit and look depending on your waist size.

When you try on your pantyhose they should fit well around your ankles, so no bagging of the material, and they should not drop too much below the gusset.  The tights should also not be too tight on the legs, you should have some stretch in the material for comfort and to ensure the lifetime of the tights.

For more information on how each brand varies in its sizing, check out each brand page for detailed information.

Wolford Tights:

As one of our best selling brands at The Tight Spot, we have spent a bit of time putting together some sizing information so that you can get the perfect fit. Check out our Wolford Sizing Help Page for Wolford size charts, recommendations and customer feedback.