Are you looking for your next pair of luxurious shiny sheer tights but not quite sure where to start? Perhaps you’re thinking, what style do I need? How important is the denier? What shiny finish should I go for? That’s where we come in!

Let us break it down for you!

At The Tight Spot, our hosiery specialists have shared their expert knowledge on all things tights to help you choose the right pair for your wants and needs. We’ve delved deep into one of our most popular brands Cecilia De Rafael to explain to you the key differences between these very popular styles of tights, including how deniers differ, an insight into yarns, and the lowdown on the special Cecilia De Rafael shiny finishes.

Cecilia De Rafael is famous for its incredible high glossy finishes and subtle yet impactful nude hosiery, designed to give your legs the ultimate flawless look and feel. And whilst their collection of shiny sheer tights may look very similar, there are many differences between each style, which can make it a little tricky to pick out the perfect pair for you!


Cecilia De Rafael Shiny TightsCecilia De Rafael Shiny Tights


Cecilia De Rafael hosiery starts at as little as 9 denier, providing an ultra-sheer and weightless feel, whilst allowing your natural skin tone to shine through. The Eterno 9 Ultra Sheer Gloss Tights and the Eterno Super Lucido 10 Shiny Tights by CDR offer just that and more, as they are designed with high-performance yarns making them not only super glossy but also highly durable and ladder resistant.

The largest denier collection by Cecilia De Rafael is their 15 and 20 denier tights, which are slightly thicker yet don’t compromise on adding a gorgeous glossy glow to your legs. Similar to 9 and 10 denier tights, these tights still give you that bare leg look but provide that extra bit of coverage you may desire. Try out the Sevilla Gloss Tights or Libero to achieve flawless pins all year round!

Cecilia De Rafael DeniersCecilia De Rafael Deniers


So how do Cecilia De Rafael create their unbelievably shiny range of glossy tights? It’s all down to the yarns! The Sevilla tights collection by CDR is designed specifically with a unique, patented yarn giving their tights the ultimate shiny effect. This also portrays a wet, oiled finish when worn, making your legs glisten in any weather.

High-quality yarns are also predominantly used for the Cecilia De Rafael Seamless Tights collection, to create a strong, yet soft and elasticated fit to ensure the tights fit perfectly to suit your body shape. Unlike the cut and sew method that most tights have, seamless pantyhose offer a smooth and stretchy fit, meaning no seams will be  visible through your outfit.


If your goal is to make your legs dazzle, then the high gloss CDR range is for you! As mentioned above, this collection is carefully designed with special yarns to create a comfortable yet gleaming finish to make your legs pop. Enjoy a beautiful glossy look from toe to waist, giving your legs a stunning polished look. You can achieve this ultimate look with the Eterno 15 Shiny Tights.


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Eterno 9 Ultra Sheer Gloss Tights

Offering the lowest denier in the Cecilia De Rafael range, The Eterno 9 Gloss Tights are 9 denier pantyhose meaning they are ultra-sheer yet exceptionally shiny tights. This style therefore offers a lightweight, bare finish to give your legs a flawless glossy look, without compromising on maximum durability and ladder- resistant properties thanks to CDR’s high performing yarns. Similar to the Eterno Super Lucido, these tights have no waistband although still feature a cotton gusset for comfort and super stretchy fit for all shapes and sizes. Achieve an effortless shine and airbrushed look with the Eterno 9 Ultra Sheer Gloss Tights, carefully designed with 60% Nylon and 40% Spandex.
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Eterno 9 Ultra Sheer Gloss TightsEterno 9 Ultra Sheer Gloss Tights

Eterno 15 Shiny TightsEterno 15 Shiny Tights

Eterno 15 Shiny Tights

Whilst the Eterno 9 Tights offer a super sheer finish and the Eterno 20 provides an airbrushed glossy look, the Eterno 15 gloss tights offer a happy medium at 15 denier and are also ladder resistant. These super shiny tights have a gorgeous flow from waist to toe, featuring a laser cut waistband for a smooth and discreet look. Finished with CDR’s famous oil shine and a sandal toe, these offer a natural
second skin finish. Comfort is key with the Eterno 15 Shiny Tights thanks to the cotton gusset and high-quality materials, including 65% Nylon and 35% Spandex.
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Eterno Super Lucido 20 Ultra Shiny Tights

The key feature of the Eterno Super Lucido 20 gloss tights that differs from standard tights is the laser cut waistband, meaning these will sit flush on your waist to achieve a smooth, sleek and comfortable fit. The Eterno Super Lucido super glossy pantyhose offer slightly more coverage than the popular Sevilla style with 20 Denier thickness, however still offer a comfy cotton gusset. These luxurious ultra-high shine tights feature a unique patented technology by Cecilia De Rafael which creates that oil look glossy finish as well as an anti-ladder technology for highly durable, long-lasting tights. Feel comfortable and secure in these famous shiny tights, featuring 62% Nylon and 38% Spandex, which are also available in plus size so you can look great no matter your shape.
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Eterno Super Lucido 20 Ultra Shiny TightsEterno Super Lucido 20 Ultra Shiny Tights

Eterno Super Lucido 20 Comfort TightsEterno Super Lucido 20 Comfort Tights

Eterno Super Lucido 20 Comfort Tights

The Eterno Super Lucido 20 Shiny Tights were created with enhanced support in mind, with its T-bar waist reinforcement  and extra wide waistband designed specifically to not roll or dig in. The Eterno Super Lucido 20 Comfort Tights are 20 denier and offer an ultra shine look, therefore provide a very similar finish to the Ultra glossy style. Designed with the same properties as Eterno Super Lucido Ultra Shiny Tights, these gloss tights are also created with 62% Nylon and 38% Spandex for a super shiny, durable and comfortable fit.
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Eterno High Shine Hold Ups

Part of the Eterno family, the Eterno High Shine Hold Ups create an oil shine finish and unique breeze technology that cools your legs when heat rises thanks to the gradual evaporation system, for a comfortable all day wear. Similar to the Eterno 15 Tights, these are also 15 denier and offer an ultra high shine finish for a natural glow. There’s no need to worry about these slipping down due to the high strength yet comfortable silicone band with triple stripe band design. Designed for maximum durability, these Hold Ups are ladder resistant and also have a sandal toe for a subtle look. Manufactured with high-performing materials including 69% Nylon and 31% Spandex.
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Eterno High Shine Hold UpsEterno High Shine Hold Ups

Sevilla Libero TightsSevilla Libero Tights

Sevilla Libero

Achieve a high gloss, shiny oil finish with the Sevilla Libero Seamless Shiny Tights, with a special Lycra yarn that provides an unbeatable glow when worn. This style in the Sevilla family differs due to its completely seam free finish, meaning a smooth fit and discreet finish under clothes, not to mention the invisible toes so you can pair with any outfit. With no gusset, a completely sheer to waist brief and a comfortable low waistband these high gloss, seamless shiny tights are hosiery perfection, designed with 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex.
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Sevilla Gloss Tights

Achieve a high gloss shine with the Sevilla Gloss Tights, with similar properties to
the Sevilla Chic style including its 15 denier structure, innovative 3D Lycra
technology for elasticity and the super sheer and shiny finish. With comfort in mind, these gloss tights are sheer to waist and feature a plain sheer toe alongside flat seams for a smooth and subtle look. Just like most of the Cecilia De Rafael collection, the Sevilla Tights also have a comfy cotton gusset. This style is manufactured with high performing materials with 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex.

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Sevilla Gloss TightsSevilla Gloss Tights

Sevilla Chic Seamed TightsSevilla Chic Seamed Tights

Sevilla Chic Seamed Tights

Achieve a sexy yet sophisticated look with the highly popular Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Chic Seamed Shiny Tights, featuring a high shine finish combined with a classy exclusive back seam running from waist to toe, offering a leg-lengthening look. These super glossy tights are designed using innovative 3D Lycra technology to provide high elasticity and resistance, whilst providing unrivalled comfort and style thanks to the cotton gusset, plain sheer toe and smooth waistband. The Sevilla Chic Seamed Shiny Tights are super sheer at 15 Denier, uniquely designed with 84% Nylon, 15% Spandex  and 1% Polypropilene to keep them secure and comfortable all day long, not to mention their flat seams for a seamless look and feel.
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Sevilla Secret Shaper Sheer Tights 

If you’re looking for even more support and curve-appeal then you’ll love the
Sevilla Secret Shaper Sheer Tights, designed with the same finish and shine as the other Sevilla styles yet offering an incredible supportive fit. Created to provide maximum tummy support and bum enhancement thanks to the unique resistant material combined with flat seams for a smooth finish, these are the perfect shiny tights to show off your body shape and feel secure all day long. Get the no-tights look with the Sevilla Secret Shaper 20 Denier Tights, featuring a high shine sheer finish for flawless legs and an invisible toe to create a natural, skin-like glossy finish. Also available in plus size, these tights are manufactured with durability with 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex.
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Sevilla Secret Shaper Sheer TightsSevilla Secret Shaper Sheer Tights

Sevilla Super Shiny Hold UpsSevilla Super Shiny Hold Ups

Sevilla Super Shiny Hold Ups

If you prefer holds ups to tights yet want to achieve a super shiny look similar to the Sevilla Gloss Tights, then the Sevilla Super Shiny 15 Denier Hold Ups are for you. These unbelievably glossy hold ups are created with 3D Lycra technology for ultimate comfort, stretch and shine. Featuring an invisible toe and triple ribbed silicone triband top for maximum hold, there’s no need to worry about these hold ups slipping down. Carefully created with 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex and available in a variety of shades, the Sevilla will give your legs a natural, moisturised glow.
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Vidrio Gloss Tights

Famous for their ultra-sheer and ultra-shiny finish, the Vidrio Gloss Tights are 15 denier and sheer to waist, providing a second skin and flawless look. Specifically created with gleaming yarns and quality materials these tights are also finished with flat seams for a discreet look. The Vidrio Glossy Tights feature a cotton gusset and reinforced toe, offering luxury and comfortability. Designed with 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex.
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Vidrio Gloss TightsVidrio Gloss Tights

Vidrio StockingsVidrio Stockings

Vidrio Stockings

Love the finish and high-performing properties of the Vidrio Gloss Tights but prefer a stockings design? That’s where the Vidrio Gloss Stockings come in handy. Developed with 15 denier, a high gloss finish and super sheer appearance, just like the Vidrio Shine Tights, these are the perfect alternative. Created with gleaming high-performing yarns for high strength and durability, the Vidrio Stockings offer a sleek sophisticated look with a subtle sandal toe. Available in 9 different shades and produced with 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex.
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Browse the full Cecilia De Rafael collection and take your pick from a variety of styles. You can also learn more about deniers, yarns and finished in The Tight Spot ultimate glossary!