When you think of clothes, one thing that often comes to mind is dresses, skirts, jeans and maybe sweaters. Probably one item that doesn't come rushing to your mind is a bodysuit, but it should!


Bodysuit Outfits are essential for summers, winters, in between seasons and pretty much any event. They can be paired with casual clothing or make you look great in a formal setting whether you opt for a black bodysuit or sexy lace bodysuit. Even more remarkable is that a great bodysuit looks fantastic at any age, infusing confidence every time you wear it.


But, to capture confidence properly, you must know what they're all about, the different bodysuit types and how to style them. Keep reading if you want to know more!

What is a bodysuit?

A bodysuit is a one-piece suit that is a skin tight fabric covering your whole torso and crotch. Sometimes bodysuit outfits can be full length suits which also cover the legs and occasionally the arms too which are known as bodystockings. Bodysuits are a bit different to a swimsuit; yet, it holds some similarities to a leotard; however, the materials are different, and  they are not designed for athletics. This staple fashion piece first appeared in the 1950s as a luxury outfit and bodysuits are now a trendy go-to for all occasions!


Why and where should you wear a bodysuit?

Bodysuits are excellent all rounder outfits; there's a lot of benefits to wearing them, so we’ve shared 6 reasons why you should try a bodysuit! 



1. Versatile 

Bodysuits can easily be worn for any setting and with different types of clothing. They can make you look stylish, smart, relaxed or anything you want them to achieve. Bodysuits and bodystockings are a rare type of clothing that can be right for most occasions. Alongside this, they're a great year round piece of clothing; you can choose just to wear them on their own or layer  up in the winter with a long sleeve bodysuit under dresses or jumpers. Also great look with this season’s miniskirt and blazer style. Expand your wardrobe options and styles with this one simple piece of clothing. Cost effective and keeping wardrobe space free! Also - you never need to iron them so bodysuits are perfect for throwing in your gym bag or suitcase and keeping a crisp look when worn.


2. Figure-hugging

Bodysuits are incredibly flattering for your figure; they hug your body showing off your waist and curves. If worn well, they're not uncomfortable; they're relaxing and help you flaunt the best of what you've got. This is also the case for full bodystockings due to their fitted style and flattering designs.


3. Less risks of wardrobe malfunction 

Have you ever been concerned by a loose button or an open gap in your clothes? Having to pay attention to potential wardrobe malfunctions is not a nice feeling. With a bodysuit, it's unlikely you will have a malfunction as they're fastened at the bottom like a leotard. 


4. Practical 

Bodysuit outfits are practical as you can quickly put them on without worrying about the hassles of zips and buttons. You can quickly put them on under clothing and get ready to go out. There's no need to worry about styling them with belts, jackets, jewellery or anything else, but you can do so if you wish. 


5. Less bunching, Smooth Finish

As a bodysuit is figure hugging and constructed in one piece, it offers a tucked in, smooth line with clothing. Avoid tops becoming untucked or the bulk you can get in waistband when tucking in shirts. Keep your midriff covered and a sleek shape from top to bottom with a comfortable bodysuit, putting you at ease in your clothes. 


6. Sensual

With the all in one, figure hugging coverage you can wear sheer, lace and net style bodysuits for a sexy boudoir look but you can also wear this sensual styles outside the bedroom. With the right styling you can give a hint of sensual lingerie with suitable coverage. Try a sheer high neck bodysuit under a light jacket or a net bodysuit under a slinky dress. Perfect for chic yet flirty evening wear. 



How many types of bodysuits are there? 

If you're looking to buy a bodysuit, you're spoilt for choice. On average, there are around 15 different types to select from, which are:



V-Neck Bodysuit

If you want to flaunt your upper body, you might want to wear a V-neck bodysuit. These v-neck bodysuits cut down the middle revealing your cleavage area or bust. They can be dressed up or down, being perfect for any occasion. 


T-Shirt Bodysuit

One type of bodysuit great for everyday wear is a t-shirt style bodysuit. As the name suggests, it looks like a t-shirt but is more figure hugging and secure due to the all-in-one design. It typically looks like you have a t-shirt tucked into your body; however, it's still stretchy and breathable, hugging your figure.


Long Sleeve Bodysuit

If you want a bodysuit with more coverage, then you might want a long sleeve bodysuit. These bodysuits are timeless and never fall out of fashion, especially classic black long sleeve bodysuits from leading hosiery brand Wolford. These can either be a plain colour or all black and even have designs that have lace sleeves, blouses and more. They're versatile, worn for day wear or added with accessories for the evening. 



Sheer and Mesh Bodysuits

To achieve a sexier look and dress up a casual outfit why not opt for a sheer or mesh bodysuit? These are perfect for wearing all year round thanks to their versatile design and comfortable fit! Top hosiery brands such as Passion, Miss Naughty and Leg Avenue have a gorgeous selection of mesh bodysuits suitable for all occasions.  Sheer bodysuits offer an almost opaque finish allowing you to wear a crop top or bralet underneath or wear on its own for a sensual evening look.


Lace Bodysuit

One of the most popular styles of bodysuit is the lace bodysuit, due to their highly detailed and fancy design. These are the perfect style of bodysuit to style with a variety of outfits including jeans and heels for a night out, a pencil skirt for a sophisticated evening look or festival wear! At The Tight Spot, we have a large collection of lace bodysuits in a mixture of plunge neckline styles, long sleeve lace bodysuits and more.


Sparkly bodysuit

For festive parties or special occasions, we have a glamorous range of sparkly bodysuits to add a bit of glistening glitter to your outfits. Top hosiery brands such as Leg Avenue take sparkle to the next level with their shimmer bodysuits! Want to glow rather than sparkle? Check out our glossy bodysuits and bodystockings which offer a high shine finish and glowy look!


Fishnet bodysuit

Show off your shape with our flattering fishnet bodysuits and bodystockings. Achieve maximum body confidence in our highly detailed luxury bodysuits including top styles from Passion Hosiery and Wolford. Pair a fishnet bodysuit under a blazer with jeans, a fancy midi skirt for date night or go all out with a fishnet bodystocking.


Off The Shoulder Bodysuit

If you want to make a statement, then an off-the-shoulder bodysuit might be for you. Unlike some types of bodysuit, these are best suited for the evening for a dinner date. They're best paired with jeans, pants or a lovely skirt to catch other people's attention. They either come in plain or patterned, and they're eye catching. Top brands such as Passion and Pearl & Poseidon offer off the shoulder bodysuits and bodystockings, as well as bardot bodysuit styles for a sexy look.


Cutout Bodysuit

Cutout bodysuits help instill confidence into your look no matter the occasion. They're sexy and subtle, making you look great. The cuts on these bodysuits can range from low cuts to cuts in the shoulder, back or more. There are no rules to these cuts, and because of this, they come in various designs. 



Wolford Bodysuit

The ultimate in high-quality and comfort. Wolford bodysuits are the go-to for luxury bodysuits, featuring premium fabrics and durable finishes. Their famous turtle neck bodysuits are a hit year after year, as well as their Woflord Colorado String Bodysuit which is perfect for everyday wear and layering in the winter.



What outfits can you wear with a bodysuit?

If you're unsure of what to pair with a bodysuit, try adding the following: 


Oversized Blazer

If you want to pull a look together in a few seconds, a bodysuit or bodystocking with an oversized blazer might be perfect. Simply throwing a big blazer over the top can make you look professional without having to do much. You might even want to go a step further and wear heels, making it a great night-out look. 


Jeans and Converse

Another way to rock a bodysuit is by wearing high or medium waisted jeans and converse. This is a look you can't go wrong with if you try. The best way to look good is wearing black jeans and converse. If you do this, it can really highlight your bodysuit, no matter the colour, style or design. 


90s Classic Outfit

Step back and time and go for a 90s grunge look with your bodysuit. Similarly, pair a classic black bodysuit or long sleeved bodysuit with baggy jeans, a leather jacket and flats. This is a great look to create regardless of whether you are going for a casual or formal look. 


Slip Dress

Bodysuits are fantastic clothing items to wear under a dress. One item that it's great to pair with is a slip dress, as you can wear it underneath, especially if the bodysuit is long sleeved. When wearing the slip dress, you can keep it casual with a pair of slip-on from vans or some flats. 


Midi Skirt

One of the most popular outfits to wear with a bodysuit is a plain or patterned midi skirt. Bodysuits partnered with a midi skirt can provide a more seamless outfit than wearing with a crop top or shirt tucked in, allowing you to show off your curves!


Festival Outfit

Get your festival outfit sorted with a mesh bodysuit or high-fashion fishnet bodystocking. Festivals provide the opportunity to create your own unique outfits so what better way to experiment than with a long sleeve or sheer bodysuit. 


Evening Outfit

If you want to look classy but not over the top when wearing a bodysuit, you can create a night out look. Add some ankle boots, jeans and a leather jacket to make you look ready for a night out. 



Achieve a sultry look in the bedroom with a sexy lace bodysuit, chemise or full bodystocking! These bodywear styles can help you feel body confident and bring out your playful side, ideal for date nights at home.

Overall, bodysuits are the perfect piece of clothing that is missing from most wardrobes. The great thing about bodysuits is that you can wear them during the day and evening. It's up to you what you wear and how you wear them to create the appearance you wish to achieve. 


Bodysuits are known to hug your figure and flaunt your curves in the right ways making you look good all the time. Unlike dresses or skirts, you don't need to worry about finding new shoes or accessories to enhance them. At the Tight Spot, our bodysuits are universal and not hard to wear for any person. Whether you want a long sleeve bodysuit or cut-out one, there's something we offer for everyone; check out our range today.