Tights season is upon us which means it’s time to spruce up your hosiery collection with warm winter tights, patterned pantyhose to dress up your outfits and cosy opaques for everday use. You may be thinking you need to choose warmth over style, but this isn’t the case with The Tight Spot! Our collection of warm tights offer comfort, warmth and protection from the elements whilst looking stylish day or night.

Fashion tights are also the perfect accessory to add to a casual outfit to keep you warm and fashionable for less! Simply pop on your warm winter tights with a skirt, dress or shorts to keep your look high-fashion yet cosy and comfortable. 

Keep reading to learn all about how to pick winter tights, the importance of materials and deniers, and not to mention some of our top tips to keep your warm tights in perfect condition year after year. 


How to choose warm tights for the winter season? 

When looking for winter tights, you will want to pay close attention to the thickness by choosing a higher denier or thermal tights. Practicality is key, and you should aim to look at the material and denier of the tights first before exploring the other factors. Because of this, some of the warmest tights for winter are made of cashmere and wool, and some may even be fleece lined to keep your legs cosy. But to make the right choice, you should always review their product composition, material, style and colours.

Product Composition - Cotton or Wool?


When choosing winter tights, popular warm styles include natural materials such as cotton and wool. 

Cotton Tights

In winter, cotton is a great composition because it allows for easy mobility and is breathable. Similarly, cotton is an incredibly soft material to wear, making them comfortable to wear all day long. Cotton tights are not only soft and smooth to touch, they also have a luxury matt finish for an elegant look yet cosy feel. Cotton hosiery is also incredibly durable and has better heat retention properties than alternative hosiery materials,, surviving cold winter climates and strong to wear, time and time again.

For a fashionable yet cosy look this season, shop the Couture Cotton Rich 200 Denier Supersoft Tights.


Wool Tights

If you're looking for warmth, you cannot go wrong with having wool tights made out of wool. Arguably, wool is the warmest composition that exists when it comes to having such tights due to its the snug fibers. The natural, soft yarns trap tiny pockets of air which act as insulation, keeping the heat circulating for ultimate warmth. This is a unique feature of wool and these tights would act in the same way in warmer temperatures - keeping your body temperature cool! Just like wool does for the animals that live with these natural wool fibers in their skins and coats. 


For the ultimate in warmth and cosiness in the coolest of climates, our Wolford Merino Wool Tights are the perfect choice.


Material - Polyamide or Microfibre Tights?

It’s not only natural fibers that can keep you warm and many prefer the smooth, sleek feel of either polyamide or microfibre material.



Polyamide is an ideal material to look for in tights for the winter as it's strong and flexible, even when at a very high denier. This material is often used in activewear as it's resistant to abrasions and difficult to be torn, which is why many people opt for winter tights with high percentage of polyamide in the material. The fibre is also synthetic being water resistant, allowing it to withstand harsh weather like rain being perfect for a winter clothing item. For this reason, this material is also used for outerwear, sports apparel and underwear.

A hosiery favourite in the winter months which is crafted from 70% polyamide is the Trasparenze Platino Tights, available in an array of colours to suit your preferences.


Microfibre tights are practical for cold temperatures as they provide an alternative to tights produced with a thicker material yet still do the job. These tights tend to be fairly lightweight thin and like wool, the fibres and help trap heat in them, whilst removing any moisture that might come in the way. However, as they have a great ability to retain heat, they might end up trapping too much in, therefore, are not that great to wear for too long. A great option that holds the benefits of microfibre yet offer a breathable element are the Fiore Ouvert Shiny Crotchless Tights, allowing ventilation thanks to the open crotch area whilst still providing warmth and comfort on the legs. 


Style & colours selection 

Another important factor to consider when looking for winter tights is the colour and style. To be honest, there's no set rule when it comes to picking the colour of your tights. You can choose a bold statement colour grabbing people's attention, and other times you might want a neutral colour

Many people choose a neutral colour like black as it tends to go with all types of coloured clothing, however a popular option in the cooler months is opting for patterned tights which are the perfect addition to dress up a staple winter outfit. Rich colours are always popular for winter and can add some interest and luxuriousness to the dark skys and grey clouds of winter. Try deep reds and plum, rust and oranges or inky blues. 

What types of tights are best suited for the winter season? 

If you're looking for winter tights, here are some of the most common types that keep you warm and looking stylish:

Wool tights 

Wool tights are the ultimate insulator for your legs in winter. It's an extremely versatile fabric that can keep your legs warm or cold based on the weather. Therefore with wool tights, you don't need to worry too much about the weather outside. Wool tights are also available in a variety of colours and patterns, allowing you to change up your outfits with different styles of tights, or alternatively stick with staple neutrals for an everyday look.

Fishnet tights 

If you're looking for ways to add excitement to your outfit without opting for a plain pair of tights, you might want to try fishnet tights in the winter. With fishnet tights, there are a lot of different styles, such as geometric shapes, floral designs, different colour fishnets and more. 

One of the major myths about fishnet tights is that they don't keep you warm due to the holes when in fact, it is the opposite! The holes in fishnet tights trap pockets of air which warms your body in the winter and keeps your legs cool in the summer. 

Seamless tights 

If you want multifunctional tights for the winter, you can't go wrong with seamless tights. These tights are perfect for smart work attire for maximum comfortability, wearing under a formal outfit with their discreet seams or even on a night out for a barely there look. Seamless tights are also breathable and smooth to wear, making them comfortable in winter climates. 

Lace tights 

Another way to add a cool edge to your look in the winter is by wearing lace tights. There are many styles of lace tights and colours, allowing you add a different appearance to plain ones. Similarly, lace pantyhose are great for evening or day wear, making them versatile tights for any occasion. Plus, with lace tights, they're quite thin, providing warmth but also acting as a great underlayer for other clothes.

Sparkly tights 

If you've got any winter events, you might want to wear sparkly tights. Glittery tights are fun to wear for formal events, making you look Christmassy and adding a bit of glamour to your look at any time. 



Are tights useful to protect from cold?

Tights can be a great accessory in the winter, all based on the material they're made from. If you choose tights with cotton or wool, they can keep you warm in cold climates. The good thing with tights is that if you don't feel warm enough, you can always wear jeans to add an extra layer of warmth.




Top Tips for Warm Tights

When it comes to wearing winter tights, there are no set rules, just tips. To really optimise your tights for winter wear, then you should aim to do the following: 

Layer up and play with patterns

If you have textured tights that are slightly transparent, you might want to layer them up with warmer and heavier fabrics. For instance, adding patterned tights to a pair of boots, a bright skirt or a knit sweater dress keep you warm and look stylish at the same time. 

Don't wash frequently

Try not to machine wash your tights after every wear in the winter. If you wear your winter tights every day, we recommend hand washing or washing on a low heat to protect the quality of the fabrics. This is especially the case if you have thicker tights; it might be more practical. Creating a warm, cosy space is perfect for bacteria to breed. As tights sit fitted to intimate areas, it is important for hygiene reasons that they are rinsed clean and aired properly after wearing. Find out more about how to wash your tights.

Pick the right denier

One of the most important things to do when selecting winter tights is choosing the right denier. Denier is a common unit used in measuring tights, looking at the coverage of the threads woven together. It also represents the opaqueness of the tights; for instance, if you choose one that is 100 denier, it will be a lot darker and less see-through.

Store your tights effectively


To keep your winter tights in tip top condition to make them last year after year, it’s important to store your hosiery properly. You can do this by using hangers, wardrobe organisers or fabric boxes or bags to keep your tights protected! Find out more about how to store your tights in our blog.




Overall, tights are a great staple to wear in the winter. They can keep you looking stylish but also warm at the same time. When choosing winter tights, try and opt for cotton, wool or microfibre. Understanding how tights are made can help you in your choice. 

Always make sure you pick winter tights based on denier and try not to machine wash them too frequently as this can damage the fibres. There are no rules to wearing winter tights; you can wear them however you like and with styles suitable for work, party, romance and casual wear. Look at our general guides for more information. If you're looking for a pair of winter tights to keep you warm and looking cool this winter, check out our collection of cosy pantyhose.