It's the most wonderful time of the year! All the Christmas magic, the festivities surrounding the holiday, and the social events that mark the end of the year are always followed by different happenings. In terms of fashion, this is the time of the year that puts the focus on shimmery, glittery, sparkly things, including clothes and accessories. For the modern and contemporary woman, who loves and adores fashion, one great way to spread the holiday and festive cheer are with sparkly tights

As part of winter legwear, sparkly tights and glitter tights are wonderful choices for a special dose of stylishness. They have the power to transform the entire look and outfit and add that particular glittery vibe, something that is absolutely appropriate and suitable for the Christmas season. And for Christmas parties, nights out, and all the other events that require a stylish festive look, The Tight Spot has the most amazing sparkly tights to pair with your outfit! 


Why choose sparkly tights to partner with your Christmas party outfit?

The market today offers a variety of different types of tights. Especially interesting and eye-catching are the sparkly tights and the glittery tights. There is some unwritten rule that these types of tights are connected to the Christmas season However, they can be worn on other occasions! Sparkly tights are most commonly associated with the Christmas season and Christmas parties. And why is that? Well, there are several fashion reasons for it. 

The first and the most well-known and common reason is that their style and look add glamour to the outfit. They look super luxurious, which instantly elevates the look of the outfit. On the other hand, they are very fun and interesting to wear, because they are so different and will get you into the festive spirit as you put them on. Sparkly party tights can also be worn for other special events like birthday parties and engagement parties, meaning they aren't just a one-off purchase. Wear glittery tights with a number of outfits and enjoy partnering them with your glam outfits year after year.


Our handpicked sparkly tights we know you’ll love this festive season

As a company that specialises in a unique type of legwear, with a special focus on tights, we have prepared a list of our best 10 sparkly tights that will make a great addition to the festive outfits that you are going to wear. Colourful, stylish, fashionable, and sparkly, our tights will make your festive outfit one of a kind. Take a look at our handpicked list and do some festive shopping. 


1.     Platino Fantasia Lurex Sparkly Tights

The Platino Fantasia Lurex Sparkly Tights are one of the best-selling sparkly tights in our collection. Coming in at 60 denier and offering a semi-opaque look, these goldsparkly tights are a piece that every woman needs to have for her Christmas party outfit. These stunning all over glitter tights are the perfect pick for Chrismtas attire and festive outings with their shimmery metallic finish. You will be sure to shine bright in these luxury tights which are designed to give your legs a glistening effect thanks to the high-quality lurex yarns. The ultimate in festive glamour!

Platino Fantasia Lurex Sparkly TightsPlatino Fantasia Lurex Sparkly Tights

2.     Miss Naughty Rhinestone Tights

Another new entry in the party tight selection is the Miss Naughty Rhinestone tights which bring a lot of sexiness and drama to the Christmas party outfit. The base of these tights is the fishnet design, coming in net denier and gemstone decoration. They look very glamorous and are sparkling because of the rhinestone details. The classic design is enhanced by the cutouts that come to the sides and centrally, providing the utmost comfort. 

Miss Naughty Rhinestone Crotchless Fishnet TightsMiss Naughty Rhinestone Crotchless Fishnet Tights
Miss Naughty Rhinestone Crotchless Fishnet TightsMiss Naughty Rhinestone Crotchless Fishnet Tights

3.     Oroblu Glitter Back Seamed Tights

For those who are looking for something more subtle and elegant, the Oroblu Glitter Back Seamed Tights provide a discreet yet very appealing look. Coming in two colour versions Black/gold and Black/silver, these 20 denier tights give a smooth matt finish combined with a sparkle seam down the back of the legs. These black sheer tights are also extremely comfortable due to the flat seams which ensure a smooth fit under tight clothing. Add a touch of glitz and glam to your outfits with the Oroblu Sparkly Backseam Tights!

Oroblu Sparkle Back Seam TightsOroblu Sparkle Back Seam Tights
Oroblu Glitter Seamed TightsOroblu Glitter Seamed Tights

4.     Marilyn Allure Zodiac Tights

The zodiac signs are very popular in the fashion industry since they bring a special vibe and connotation for those who are in this area. They also make a great tights pattern, especially suitable for the festive season. The Marilyn Allure Zodiac Tights come in 60 Denier providing a smooth opaque finish. Available in black, the star sign pattern and the sparkling design create a nice contrast on the black base. They are the perfect addition to any monochromatic Christmas day outfit. 

Marilyn Allure Zodiac Glitter TightsMarilyn Allure Zodiac Glitter Tights
Marilyn Allure Zodiac Glitter TightsMarilyn Allure Zodiac Glitter Tights

5.     Fiore Be Merry Tights

Nothing brings more festive and Christmas spirit to the fashion leggings than Christmas-inspired patterns. In that direction, all those who love to show off their Christmas spirit can choose the Fiore Be Merry Tights. What makes them outstanding are the green small Christmas trees coming as the central pattern on the black base. For an even merrier feel, these 40 denier black tights are filled with sparkle dots. These are the ultimate Christmas tights for your Christmas party outfit. 

Fiore Be Merry TightsFiore Be Merry Tights
Fiore Be Merry TightsFiore Be Merry Tights

6.     Trasparenze Madrid Glitter Tights

The brand-new Trasparenze Madrid Sparkle Tights will offer true elegance and sophistication to any Christmas outfit. They are the perfect representation of what party tights are. These sheer tights have a subtle sparkly detail at the toe of the tights which then follows an ombre effect up the legs. Achieve a luxury look for less, with their high-quality materials and comfortable waistband combined with the elegant glittery design throughout. Soft and comfortable, they combine fashionability with coziness. Available in two colour options; Black / Silver and Navy / Silver, these modern tights will shine brightly under the party lights. 

Trasparenze Madrid Glitter TightsTrasparenze Madrid Glitter Tights
Trasparenze Sparkle Ombre TightsTrasparenze Sparkle Ombre Tights

7.     Passion Sparkle Hold Ups

When it comes to a fancy and festive occasion, the Passion Sparkle Hold-Ups are a wonderful addition to your Christmas party outfit. Adding sexiness and a luxurious look to the legs, the 20 denier hold-ups will stay up securely thanks to the lace top. The luxurious pattern provides a wonderful look, and the black colour is forever classic. With a high-slit skirt, these sparkle hold-ups will come to light and provide a wonderful look. 

Passion Sparkle Hold UpsPassion Sparkle Hold Ups
Passion Sparkle Hold UpsPassion Sparkle Hold Ups

8.     Pretty Polly Sparkle Spot Tights

Polka dot tights never go out of style! And better yet, these spotty tights are super sparkely making them the perfect partner for festive occasions. The Pretty Polly Sparkle Spot Tights feature a sheer 15 denier base and glitter polka dots throughough, offering a glam twist on standard spot tights. These glittery pantyhose are completed with a boxer body and lightly reinforced toe for maximum comfort and durability, ideal if you are wearing high heels and a dress or maybe chunky black boots and a mini skirt. The Pretty Polly sparkly polka dot tights are subtle enough for everyday wear but are great to use throughout the party season as they give your legs that extra glow that'll surely turn heads! 

Pretty Polly Sparkle TightsPretty Polly Sparkle Tights
Pretty Polly Glitter Polka Dot TightsPretty Polly Glitter Polka Dot Tights

 9.     Trasparenze Phuket Sparkly Hold Ups

Trasparenze's autumn/winter collection takes party hosiery to a whole new level! Make heads turn with the Trasparenze Phuket Sparkly Hold Ups offering a sexy yet sophisticated option for pairing with your favourite mini dress or skirt; these simply are the perfect hosiery addition to your fancy Christmas outfits. These gorgeous hold ups have a criss cross diamond design from toe to thigh where it meets a smooth plain top band for the utmost in comfort.; super striking with the same comfortable fit. Alternatively, opt for the tights version with the Trasparenze Phuket Sparkly Tights, allowing you to achieve the same glitz and glam but in a standard tights style. Let your legs shine this season with Trasparenze's stunning sparkly tights and hold ups collection.

Trasparenze Phuket Hold UpsTrasparenze Phuket Hold Ups
Trasparenze Phuket Sparkly Hold UpsTrasparenze Phuket Sparkly Hold Ups

10.     Marilyn Dream Line Crystal Scatter Tights

The beauty of the Marilyn Dream Line Crtystal Scatter Tights comes from the very top. Appealing, fashionable, and feminine, the tights start with a lace waistband that you will definitely want to show off. The 60 denier flatters the legs, allowing the crystal detail to come to full light. The smooth opaque finish complement the tights. The sparkly details come from above the knee and go all the way down, putting the accent on the below-knee area. For a similar look, check out the Marilyn Dreamline Crystal Stripe Tights.

Marilyn Dream Line Crystal Scatter TightsMarilyn Dream Line Crystal Scatter Tights

Shine bright this Christmas with our sparkly tights

As you are eagerly awaiting the start of the holiday season and the time of the Christmas parties, there is no better way than now to stock up on some of our top choices of sparkly tights. At The Tight Spot, you will find a varied, vibrant, and colourful collection of all different kinds of tights and stockings that will bring holiday and Christmas cheer into your outfits and looks. Add a dose of glamour and festivity with the variety of glittery and shimmery tights that will most certainly catch eyes whenever you appear. Looking for gift ideas in the upcoming festive season? Sparkly tights are a great choice of gift for the man or woman in your life! Discover our Christmas Gift Guide for more inspiration.