As the temperatures start to decrease, the first instinct is to reach for warmer clothes. These warmer clothes often include heavier fabrics and outerwear. With the dropping temperatures, women particularly reach to leggings and jeans as the most suitable option to keep the legs warm. However, tights are also a great option as a way to go warm in a different, more stylish, and fashionable approach. 


Tights today are made of different materials. Completely different from jeans or leggings, they are a much more suitable option for keeping the warmth on the legs. Tights are usually tighter-fitting, which does not allow the cold air to get in. Especially great are those that have a fleece lining. Very popular too are those from wool, cashmere, or any other heat-reinforcing material. 


In today’s modern fashion world, tights are an important part of winter fashion wear. The development and advancements in the fashion industry now offer a palette of most various tights that combine different properties. The practical, useful, fashionable, and cheap tights are available in the version of cosy tights, opaque tights, and multipack tights, which above all, are cost-effective and warm. 


When it comes to the cost of living properties of the tights, they are created and designed to be worn over and over again, as an efficient solution to keeping the legs and the body warm. With the added fashion vibe, the tights are simply an accessory that creates a special and unique fashion style.  


Just in time for the chillier and colder holiday season, we at The Tight Spot, are proudly presenting our top 10 tights selection that will keep you cozy, warm, and fashionable. Take a look! of choosing warm cost-effective hosiery this season

As mentioned above, choosing the hosiery can have great benefits in the winter season. The right pair of tights not only will keep you warm, but you will feel comfortable, cosy, and fashionable too. The fashion trends constantly put tights into the spotlight during the colder months, and the reason for that is the wide palette of benefits they provide to the wearer. So, what are the real benefits of choosing cost-effective hosiery this season?


Extra layering

Tights are a great way for providing extra warmth to the body, particularly to the legs. The process of layering and layered dressing is one of the most suggested options for adding extra warmth to the body. This layering starts with the tights and they are a great base to build the entire layering wardrobe upon. 


Provides warmth

Being and staying warm in the winter is essential for proper and normal functioning. So, no matter if you are outdoors or indoors, the right pair of warm tights will deliver just the right amount of protection and the balanced warmth that will make you feel comfortable. 



Tights are a cost-effective way of keeping you warm in the winter. They are affordable, practical, and a great way of providing the right level of warmth, compared to the other fashion garments on the market. A pair of cheap tights can work in many different outfits and outfits, you can wear them over and over again, and they will become an avoidable part of your daily style and winter dressing practice. 


Affordable fashion upgrade

A high-quality pair of tights can go a long way. Whether it is for everyday wear, a particular event or occasion, or frequent use, tights are an affordable way to upgrade your winter fashion style and outfits. With the different choices and options of women's tights, a positive fashion upgrade is guaranteed. You can even get more for less with our handy multipack tights.


Patterned TightsPatterned Tights
Fashion TightsFashion Tights
Opaque TightsOpaque Tights
Plus Size TightsPlus Size Tights


Our handpicked hosiery to keep you warm this season, for less

For all those of you who are looking for the most fashionable, cosy, and soft tights, here is our handpicked hosiery list of tights that will most definitely keep you warm this winter. And above all of that you can create new outfits with your winter clothing for less. Take a look!


1.     Couture Velvet Fleece Lined Tights

Warm, thick, and soft on the skin – these 300 Denier tights are just a must-have piece in your winter wardrobe. With flat seams, brushed inside for extra warmth, and fashionable velvet fleece, the Couture Velvet fleece lined tights are a great option for cold winter days. Flattering to the figure, these tights add extra effect on the legs and truly feel like a second skin. Available in black color, they are the perfect choice that you cannot go wrong with. 


2.     Charnos 100 Denier Opaque Tights

Charnos opaque tights are the more sheer option yet still providing medium coverage that will be perfect if you want to add a bit of glam to your outfit and legs. Coming in 100 Denier, with a soft and matte finish, these are the tights that give a luxurious upgrade to the classic black tights. They are so basic yet so fashionable, that they look great with every outfit. Moreover, made of 90% Polyamide, 9% Lycra, and 1% cotton, they will be your reliable partner through the colder seasons. 


3.     Trasparenze Gennifer Merino Wool Tights

There is simply nothing better than wool to add extra warmth to the legs and keep you cozy through the winter. The Transparenze Gennifer merino Wool tights are the perfect blend of fashionability and practicality of the tights. As they come in 4 different colors, they provide lots of different styling options. As for their properties, the 100 denier matter wool finish is an excellent solution for staying protected through the winter season whilst their reinforced toe and cotton gusset ensure maximum comfort all day long. 


4.     Oroblu I Love Italy Roma Tights

Inspired by the Italian architecture details, the Oroblu I Love Italy Roma Tights, captivate with their fashionability and luxury. They are black, with the floral details coming in golden to the sides of the tights. The 60 Denier and the super matte finish deliver a beautiful appearance and feel. Just in time for the holidays, the combination of black and gold is something that is unbeatable.


5.     Wolford Velvet De Luxe 66 Tights

As the name suggests, the Wolford Velvet Deluxe 66 tights come with an extra dose of luxury and elegance. The 66 denier tights are designed with a deep and comfortable waistband. The soft and matte finish perfectly flatters any style and outfit. These tights are extra durable, making them an investment more than worth it. The classic look is upgraded with extra elasticity. 


6.     Couture Lurex Fleece Tights

The Couture Lurex fleece Tights are 300 denier fleece tights. With luxurious lurex threading and flat seams, these tights come in two colours: black and grey. Besides their utmost comfortability, the tights are sparkly and make them a great choice as part of the holiday winter parties. Not only do they provide an excellent look and upgrade the outfit, but they also provide an amazing feeling. The 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex are wonderful options to make you feel warm and cosy this winter. 


7.     Marilyn Grace Diamond Tights

Patterned tights are one of the most demanded and popular types of tights that women simply adore come wintertime. One of those tights that will certainly turn heads and make a wonderful appealing effect is the Marilyn Grace Diamond Tights. The black-grey colour combination makes the diamond pattern stand out in the most discreet yet effective way. The 60 denier is just the right option to provide warmth. The diamond design itself is a popular option for the colder months. The tights are super smooth, with grey marl detail. With such wonderful tights, the styling and the outfit will be top-notch. 


8.     Trasparenze Platino Tights

Prints and patterns are always a popular choice when it comes to adding a special fashionable vibe to an outfit. This winter, add the colourfulness of the floral prints to your neutral outfits with the Transparenze Platino Tights. These opaque tights come in 4 different options, all in unique colors and floral patterns. The 80 denier is more than enough to ensure perfect comfort and warmth during the chillier days or nights. The woven design makes them extraordinary and provides a look that is absolutely fantastic.


9.     Silky 300 Denier Fleece Tights

Feeling the silk on the skin is one of the softest and the most luxurious feels. With the idea to provide women with that exact feeling during the winter days, the Silky Fleece tights come in 300 Denier. The extra warmth of these tights is guaranteed. They are super thick, and perfect for any winter occasion. The black colour provides total coverage. The breathable yarn is just an added benefit that makes these tights a super option for outfits. 


10.  Fiore Glossy 60 Denier Tights

The return of the ‘90s trends has transferred onto the tights too. The glossy tights made a boom back in time, and they have returned now, just in time for the winter and the party season. The glossy shine and finish of the 60 denier tights perfectly blend with the premium yarn. The final result is these extraordinary Fiore Glossy tights, that are available in two stunning colours: cobalt and red.


Black Patterned TightsBlack Patterned Tights
Couture Lurex Sparkly TightsCouture Lurex Sparkly Tights
Fiore Glossy TightsFiore Glossy Tights
Wolford Vevlet De Luxe TightsWolford Vevlet De Luxe Tights

Keep cosy this winter with cost-effective hosiery

Staying warm this winter has never been easier. With our wool tights collection, you will not only be warm and fashionable, but you are investing in the most cost-effective hosiery that you will use for a long time. Classic, chic and modern, update your tights collection with some of our handpicked choices or browse through our wide offer to find your favorite picks. Fight the freeze with The Tight Spot.